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    I was out in my garage tonight and I have 1 overhead light, and as I turned it on I got to looking at the shadows that were being cast upon the walls, noticing some were darker than others, and I dont know why, but I got to really starring at them...noticing how they made the objects that were of the shadows seem to be pulled away from the wall. So I thought about it and thought you could do this with TLC, So I tried it and heres what I got.

    Now I know sometimes the shadow effect gets a bum rap when users shadow certain text...Ok I too think along those lines, But what if you can make things "POP" out with it? giving you a 3d effect, Now you will have to play with this somewhat to get that effect, But you can see it is possible to achieve...wouldnt you agree?

    1 trick is to mimick light, start out with dark then go to a lighter setting, depending on which way you want your shadow to appear with the light direction, as you can see I went from the right to the left as tho my light would appear coming out of the right side of the screen.

    Does it not look like its coming at you and coming off the background?
    Now the bad part is...I forgot what I went to get out of my garage...now if I can just remember where I put my toolbox..:lol:

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    One of the easiest way is accomplish that 3D shadow is to duplicate the image and use a gradient coloring in lt grey to darker grey and play with the opacity. That way the shadows will be a little crisper...after duplicating you can still add more shadowing by using the shadowing option.

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