ПРИВЕТ!!! Hiya Everyone! CLICK PLEASE 4 ME!!

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    My name is Svedlanna. I am From Yugoslavia. I am a graphic student... and am just on here looking for more to learn and try. But the me outside work and school is all for the fun party time. I love too Party DISKO YEC STYLEE! Me and my good buddy Vlade, we go out to the clubs. Always rolling and controlling. Always! :image10-2: lol. I love to dance and laugh.
    I moved here when i was 16... and i for hole life have love love art, and design. I am so happy to have oppertunity to .... eeee how u say.... eee follow? or no chase my dream. My only one problem that im running into is money:image09: . I was wanting to ask, if ne boddy reads me and if u know of downloads... for ne thing ..(photo editer, paint prog, 3D RENDERING.) any at all if u want to give the name to me, or no is fine too. But if yes i would appreciate?... I say thank you. :image07:

    well for all who read me... hello and hope you are wunderful!
    Приедьте сторона со мной!!!

    :image07-1: faces so cute!​
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    Welcome to the Laughingbird forum.

    You could use google to locate many free software programs. Or, you could always quit partying so hard and spend that money on some good software. hahaha

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