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Found 11 results

  1. Templates broken inside program after opening. Yes my laughingbird documents folder IS inside the documents folder and Yes the Elements and Logo Librairies are both inside the folder and ALL of my templates ARE inside the logo libraries folder but they are NOT showing up in the program except as BROKEN little boxes. When I try to click on one it says Unable To Open it but they are all there--> just broken links. I have uninstalled everything - rebooted - reinstalled everything and STILL it will not let me have my previously created temps It WILL allow me to create new ones... and I have noticed a new folder called "Work Directory" I even tried going to FILE and tried to OPEN a logo.... But it says... Unable to Open. HELP... Thanks!
  2. Already have the People Pack 3? Click this link to get either Pack 2 or 3 for only $20 https://www.laughingbirdsoftware.com/products/images-of-people-pak-3/ OR Get both for only $27 combined! Check out the website and click the purchase button for this offer https://www.laughingbirdsoftware.com/products/images-of-people-pak-3/
  3. Bizolly

    Problem Getting Support

    I've tried using the contact form on Laughingbird.com website to get support but can't seem to connect. I've tried several times. There are errors when I submit your form about my issue. Any way, I have two issues: 1.) I need my license key so I can upgrade/update to the newest version. I can't seem to locate mine. I have attached a list of all the software I've purchased from you. 2.) How do I import images from past purchases of your software into the new one and can I upgrade my other software purchases like: animated graphics, logo creator, etc. etc.? Please get back to me. Thank you. Carol
  4. If you haven't already gotten the Attention-Getters template set, get it now! It's ON SALE for only $20 (instead of $37!). This week!!! To check out more templates, go to: https://www.laughingbirdsoftware.com/attention-getters-design-templates/
  5. I have the Creator 7, but I have moved my content to a different machine and then upgraded the OS as well (to Sierra). Now it SEEMS like to me that I am missing some of my "stuff". When I go to the dropdown, I get only Logo Templates V2. I thought that i had several sets of templates, now I just see these. Can anyone tell me how I go about getting template packages that I am missing? Dan
  6. Hey Creatorpreneurs! Why wait for what you need... only to end up spending more money?! Get all the templates and design elements you need on a regular schedule.... you'll get a BIG discount and you can pick ANY product you want! Find out more at https://www.laughingbirdsoftware.com/join-the-graphics-club/ Join the Creatorpreneurs Graphics Club to save even more money on graphics for your visual marketing content, website, or blog. Check it out!
  7. Hi everybody! We're proud to announce our latest template and graphics collection: "The Attention Getters" A collection of high quality (and super modifiable) templates with photo-realistic graphics! Click here to see all about it! Looking forward to hearing what you think of it all! - Marc
  8. Which Laughingbird graphic template pack is the easiest to create a marketing graphic? My choice... the Flat Graphics templates! Flat design makes it easy for people like me, with no formal graphic design training, to manipulate objects... and the templates are right on (so there's less modification needed). Below are some of the templates to choose from, as well as a couple of my own creations using the flat graphics (and the same template!). Which templates are your favorites?
  9. Today, I no longer have access to my templates through the Creator (vr. 7.2.9). MacOS 10.9.5 I launch The Creator, click Select a Template Set then select a template set and it comes up empty. See screenshot. The templates are located at user\Documents\Laughingbird Documents\Logo Libraries. The last time I work with TC was August 1. I've tried deleting TC and replacing with a fresh copy, restarting TC (several times), and restarted my Mac. I'm sure it's something obvious I'm missing. Help!!! Chris
  10. Hi All! I'm working on a new Element set. "The COMIC ELEMENT" Pak. I'm excited about it - it's coming out nicely and should be completed soon!
  11. Okay I need help! I have registered 3 times and I still cant get any of my templates onto the Laughingbird Software. Not sure what I am doing wrong. I could almost swear that it was on there the other day when I opened it. Now there is nothing. Also when I click on the Logo Elements - Free Elements- arrows and stars, its asking me how do I want to open this file???? What? Why? How do the templates in the file go into the software? Somebody please help!! - Star