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      The New Forum!   06/12/2017

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Found 9 results

  1. Hi Y'all! Below you'll find graphic packs that are for sale on my web site at Sad Duck All of my graphics are Royalty Free and can be used for personal and/or commercial purposes. All I ask is that you do not give away or re-sell my graphics either as single graphics or in a pack. My graphics are all transparent PNG and work well with The Creator 7. They can be used on the web, in email or blogs, to make memes and much more. Your only limitation is your imagination. So come on by and have a look around. Be sure to check out the Free Items I have posted on the web site. No need to register or sign in to download the free items. Sad Duck See y'all soon!
  2. Hi Y'all! Below you will find items that I am giving away for FREE. Some of these items can be found on my website at http://sadduck.com and some will only be found here! Have a look around, download what you like. All of my graphics are Royalty Free transparent PNG. Royalty Free means that you can do anything you like with the graphic with the exception of selling or giving it away yourself. If someone you know would like a graphic, please tell them to come on by and download it themselves. Stop on by the website when you have a chance. I have many graphic packs for sale at affordable prices. My graphics are perfect for The Creator 7 and can be used on the web, in emails or blogs, making memes and much more. http://sadduck.com See y'all soon!
  3. Hey Marc and friends, Jeff Davis here longtime customer, I use C7 daily to communicate and market to the social media world.... this is me not lurkin
  4. This graphic was created for Steve Rosenbaum's Chat Bot system he's working on. Love the idea
  5. This one is from Joseph Schinzel - he used a video program called "Viddyoze" for the animation and imported the graphics he created with The Creator7 into it! Pretty slick! Download the video and take a look: Joseph_Schinzel.mp4
  6. Our very own @LisaSly Lisa Sylvester created an entire Pinterest Channel using the graphics she's created with the software! She posts them daily. ... and the traffic coming from Pinterest is growing daily as well!
  7. Here's a cool idea I found in the Laughingbird Facebook group! Joe @Joe Enderle had the idea of using the software to create a greeting card for his daughter's birthday! Looks like he may have used the PaperToons Template Pack and added in his own toon image!
  8. Patricia Busch created (and had it delivered right to her door!) a cool coffee mug! Here's the comment she left on Facebook about it:
  9. Hi all. Despite the fact that I'm legally blind, I've loved art, drawing, and being creative all my life. One of my earliest memories was waking up early in the morning, grabbing my Yogi Bear coloring book and a pen and coloring. I have no idea why I wasn't using crayons. I was drawing from a very early age and my folks had the pictures to prove it. From super heroes to landscapes to portraits to that groovy fluid shaped text of the 60's, I tried drawing it all. My first taste of 3 dimensional art was as a child during crafts time at Vacation Bible School. In jr. high I was took a crafts class and was able to apply my love of art to leather craft. I believe it was also during this time that I first made money from my art. I didn't have my first art instruction until my first art class in high school. It was here that I was introduced to new techniques and media such as origami, painting, sculpture, fashion design, stage set design, etc. I joined the art club where I was awarded a small (but at the time totally awesome) scholarship that I used in jr. college. After high school, I knew what I wanted to do...double teaching credential. My disability prompted me to go for a special ed teaching credential, and my love of art drove me to work for a teaching credential in art education...more the practical and technique side and less (much less) the history side. Before all this, however, few a short moment in time, my plan was to go to the Art Institute in San Francisco and learn fashion design...that didn't happen. Unfortunately, due to numerous life events both in and out of my control, I was never able to finish college and earn my credentials (BIG SIGH). Well, the college thing was out so the credential thing was out, and after working for someone else enough times, I knew that (if I could help it) the 9 to 5 job thing was out. That was fine though, because it made me realize even more that I wanted to have my own business. I figured that if one person would pay me for my art, why not more people. The thought of getting paid for something I enjoyed doing was the closer...all of the compliments didn't hurt either. Doing something I love, hearing that so many others loved what I did too and making money doing it as well? Oh man, that's what I want to do when I grow up! Yeah well, it never is that easy is it? But even with my bad eyesight and small government disability check, I did, am, and will continue to press on: Portraits (painted & illustrated); landscapes (painted & illustrated); holiday & special event window painting (too old to do that anymore); sign painting (too old & no room for this anymore); logo, monogram, letterhead, & business card design; (and for many years now) website & digital graphic design. Even though I'm still living with bad eyesight and a government disability check, I'm able (praise GOD0 to earn a few bucks here and there doing something I love. And with awesome software like Laughingbird's Creator 7, it makes being creative a whole lot easier and more fun. Whew, I think I'm done...for now. :-)

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