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  1. There is one Character Creator Template and it shows up. The people pak templates was not showing up. When I looked at it, there was a sub folder called people pak with all of the the templates in it. After examining the other folders, it seems the templates were always only one sub level down. I moved the folder People Pak up one level and now it shows up. There are 6 folder with items in them and now all 6 show up. Two folders, "My Templates and Preview Templates" are empty and don't show up. I would assume that once something is in a folder, it will show up. Problem seems to be solved now that I know the proper folder configuration and the levels that will appear. I re-installed every item after first removing everything, so this is an issue with the install placing files in the proper sequence. Thank you.
  2. Yes. Twice. I know the drill. Thank you. Hope you can help. Considering removing all traces and starting install over again Almost 40 years Mac user here an former Apple Tech.
  3. This was a clean install this morning since I purchased everything this morning. So I did not mess with any file names or folders. See attached image of my folder.
  4. Have 8 folders in my Logo Libraries but only 5 show up in the application. I am on a iMac Pro with the absolute latest software. Here is what is in my Logo Libraries Folder: Business Cards Set, Character Creator Template, Free Templates, Logo Templates v2, My Templates, People Pay Templates, Preview Templates, Scenery Creator Templates The program shows these only: Free Templates, Scenery Creator Templates, Business Cards Set, Logo Templates, Character Creator Template How do I get the others to show?