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  1. Welcome to the forum! In the future click on the 'Forum' button then select an appropriate forum to post in. More users will see your post and be able to respond to you. You should get a fairly quick reply after you post a support topic. Of course it is the weekend . . .
  2. Hey Teresa, since this is posted on your profile page I need to keep it short. Click on 'Forum' on the top menu, then click on 'Laughingbird's New Help Center'. Scroll down and open a support topic.
  3. I might have been out in the sun to long! I thought there was a button to post a 'quote'. Used to just post text, highlight, then hit the quote button. Not there now. I can still quote an entire post by hitting the 'Reply' button, but I may not want to quote the entire post. I could put in the quote tags myself, but I thought there was a button for it. Wasn't there? Or have I gone 'over the hill'?
  4. Hey There, I just tried to respond to a post and noticed that I no longer have an option to 'Quote' a post. Something change in the settings?
    1. Lykke Schmitz

      Lykke Schmitz

      Nothing should have changed at all - does this mean all posts or only that one in one section of the forum? You have a link then?