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    Hi from Joan

    Welcome to the new forum Joan! Nice blog by the way. ( Yes, I do go look ) Not sure if you are a Laughingbird affiliate or not, but you might give it a thought and place a sidebar add on that blog. You never know ...
  2. Sad Duck


    Greetings Spike! Let us know if you need anything.
  3. Sad Duck


  4. Sad Duck

    Hello from Denmark

    Never a problem! Always good!
  5. Sad Duck

    Hello from Denmark

    Hi Jan, Very nice looking graphic, um, with one exception. I realize that English may not be your native language, but after translating you should check it with a spell checker. A simple typo on your graphic can really spoil it! ( successful )
  6. Sad Duck

    Gday from the Land down under

    Welcome to the forum Barry! Be sure to look at all the topics. Some free stuff showing up. Don't want to miss out! If you have any questions, be sure to ask. Someone's always around.
  7. Hi Y'all! Okay, I'm a bit of a country Duck! I run the Sad Duck website at http://sadduck.com I create 2D rendered graphics for use on the web, in your email, blogs and more. Many varieties and more added all the time. I am a long time user of The Creator. Feel free to ask me anything. I'll give you an answer. It may not always be right, but I'll give you an answer! I also answer to the handle of 'Gunsmoke'. That is the CB ( Citizen Band ) handle I use while driving an 18-wheeler. Oh yeah, it's great! Love to here from y'all. Drop me a note anytime here on the forum, or on the Laughingbird FB page. Come on by the website anytime. We're open 24/7.
  8. Sad Duck

    Hello From Jim Lyle - a Linux user!

    See. If you ran Linux you wouldn't have to reboot!
  9. Sad Duck

    Hello from Asheville, NC!

    Welcome to the forum! Be sure to look at everything as there is a lot to see! If you have any questions, be sure to ask! Someone's always around!
  10. At the TOP of TC7 there is a box for inputting text to be added to the canvas. Above that box are 2 buttons. One titled Slogans, the other titled Taglines. If you press either button, the program cycles through many different slogans/taglines that are included with TC7. Can you change these slogans and taglines?
  11. Sad Duck

    Hello From Jim Lyle - a Linux user!

    Wow! Lots of information! Pretty awesome that you use Linux when everyone else talks PC or MAC. I poked around with it back in the day, but just found myself always going back to the PC. Thanks for sharing how to organize your graphics, and for the 'Shout Out' for Sad Duck!
  12. YES! And it's not even hard! First, remember to ALWAYS backup your files before making changes! Simply open your favorite text editor and create a text file titled 'Slogans.txt' Or 'Taglines.txt' if you prefer to modify those. Type in your slogans. One per line! Then save the file to your desktop. Close TC7. Navigate to your TC7 program directory. Look to the pictures below for where it is on a Windows PC. It may be different on a MAC. Hopefully a MAC user will let us know! Rename the Slogans.txt file to Slogans_bak.txt ( or Taglines.txt to Taglines_bak.txt) This preserves the original file in case you ever want to change back. Move your Slogans.txt file to this directory. Finished! Open TC7 and you should see your slogans randomly chosen as you press the Slogans button. Awesome!
  13. Sad Duck

    James Here!

    Welcome, back, to the forum!
  14. Sad Duck

    A.K.A. KD-did

    Welcome back KD! I'm liking the new layout. Here's hoping for the best!
  15. Sad Duck

    Paulb Webdesigns

    Hey Paul, welcome to the new forum!
  16. Sad Duck

    The call me Profit Moffatt

    Welcome to the new forum! Hope to see some of your creations soon. It always amazes me how you can look at a design and get new ideas. So, I'm always lookin'!
  17. Sad Duck

    Im Glo

    Short, but sweet!
  18. Sad Duck

    Hi! My name is Lance ( aka. Sad Duck )

    I think we can all agree with that G Money! Content is king!
  19. Sad Duck

    Hi! My name is Lance ( aka. Sad Duck )

    I'm still 'back' in the CB days! That's my day job. I not only drive an 18-wheeler, now I teach the newbies how to drive! Yup, nerves of steel! With the occasional bouts of mass hysteria! It's all good though!
  20. Welcome to the forum! In the future click on the 'Forum' button then select an appropriate forum to post in. More users will see your post and be able to respond to you. You should get a fairly quick reply after you post a support topic. Of course it is the weekend . . .
  21. Hey Teresa, since this is posted on your profile page I need to keep it short. Click on 'Forum' on the top menu, then click on 'Laughingbird's New Help Center'. Scroll down and open a support topic.
  22. I might have been out in the sun to long! I thought there was a button to post a 'quote'. Used to just post text, highlight, then hit the quote button. Not there now. I can still quote an entire post by hitting the 'Reply' button, but I may not want to quote the entire post. I could put in the quote tags myself, but I thought there was a button for it. Wasn't there? Or have I gone 'over the hill'?