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    Re: Problem

    Are you a MAC, or Win user? I don't use a MAC, so someone else may need to chime in. Windows: Those folders should be in your Laughingbird Documents folder. c:\user\[your-user-name]\My Documents\Laughingbird Documents That folder should contain \Logo Elements and \Logo Libraries If your folders are in your download area, something went wrong. You can try and drag/dropping them into your Laughingbird Documents folder, but it may or may not work. You may simply have to reinstall the software to get the proper directory structure. PLEASE make a backup copy of your files you try and move anything. You may find this of some use ... FindURmojo.zip
  2. Can you give us a picture of what you mean? You can adjust the width of the outline, as well as select any color combination for text and outline. What exactly are you trying, and what is printing?
  3. Sad Duck

    Hello from Canada

    Hi Sue! Welcome back to The Creator! Fantastic program for sure, as long as you have the graphics to create! Remember that you can add any graphic or picture as long as you have the rights to it. There are a couple of us that have sites selling various graphics packages. Love to have you come by and take a look. If you need a specific graphic and don't see it, be sure to ask! Also search the forum 'Freebie' listings as several of us have graphics we are giving away! Sad Duck
  4. Sad Duck

    Hi, I am Mustapha.

    Welcome to the forum! Yes! This is what I was talking about. And if you want or need to post a live link. No problems. Appreciate your understanding on the Facebook page! Hope your business does well. Be sure to post or message if you need any help with anything. There are several forums on this board for different things. If you have any FREE products to give away, please post in the appropriate forum. There is also an area where you can advertise what you have for sale! Just have a look over the main forum page and check out all the forum listings. Again, welcome and good luck!
  5. Sad Duck


    Well, Marc is working on v8. I could be wrong, but I don't think that's in it. However, never hurts to ask. Meanwhile, try using this converter to figure out how many pixels you need for a graphic in inches! http://auctionrepair.com/pixels.html As an example, your image at 8.25" x 5.25" at 75DPI, would be 618 pix by 393 pix. Might need some adjustment since TC7 only puts out 72DPI.
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    Hm... Do you know about the 'grid' you can turn on/off to help you align things? Or is this for something different? You can change the 'size' of the grid too!
  7. Sad Duck


    Welcome to the forum David. Nice use of graphics in that post! Be sure and let us know if you need any help or advice. Take a good look around the forum. Some free graphics you can pick up!
  8. Sad Duck

    Used Contact Form for Support

    Nope. That is the thing to do! However, since it's been that long, something may have gone awry! You can message Marc from the forum here. Or you can go to the Facebook page and holler at him! Don't send any personal info on the FB page! https://www.facebook.com/groups/laughingbirdsoftware/?fref=nf Sometimes he just needs a little poke in the ribs! Don't give up on him though. He'll make it right in the end!
  9. You need Adobe Air, latest version, for TC7 to work. You might simply try and download it and install it. See what happens. I am not a MAC user, but seems to me that it would be a security issue, or some other setting on your computer that has changed. TC7 cannot change. Has your MAC had ANY updates installed lately?
  10. Sad Duck

    Height of the side of the 3d eCover?

    I start by simply making my sides 200 x 853, and go from there. You just have to play with it till you get it right. Marc created the drag/drop areas to make it easy on us to create an e-product, but it really is still a work in progress. Everybody was screaming to get it out, and so he did. It's not perfect. We've talked to him about it and it may get updated in the future, or he may do something new. Bottom line is that it works. You just have to play with it till it looks the way you want. Yep. Not perfect. As far as support. There is no support department. Laughingbird Software is simply a family owned business. Marc and Lisa. That's it. They do the best they can. The rest of us are simply users just like yourself, that have used the product for many years. We are not support. Marc will probably get an answer to you soon, but it's probably not gonna be the answer you want. My opinion, and only my opinion, is that it would simply take him too long to go back to that product and pull out all the sizes. He may. You never know ... This is a set I just did up in about 5 minutes. Is it perfect. Not by a long shot. Does it show what I want to show, sure.
  11. Sad Duck

    What size do i need to make this

    He wasn't looking ( I don't think ) for a FB placeholder Glenn. He was looking for the template size for the forum profile page.
  12. Sad Duck

    Hi from BC Canada

    Welcome back!
  13. Sad Duck

    Height of the side of the 3d eCover?

    Being very, very careful, go into your /My Documents/Laughingbird Documents/Logo Libraries/3D eCovers folder and look for the template you want. Then open the .tlc file with a text editor of your choice. Look for the <placeholderModifier> There will probably be more than one. Up to you to figure out which one you need for the 'side' of the box. Probably 1 for the front, side and top depending on the template you choose. This will give you the 'size', but the 'skew' may still make your image look distorted. You'll just have to play with it. Sorry I can't be of more help. Before changing any settings, make sure you have a backup of the original file. If you pursue this, please post back your template and size findings as I'm sure others would also like to know! Good luck!
  14. Sad Duck

    What size do i need to make this

    Hi Jos3ph! I made mine 1290 x 200. The blank grey placeholder allows for the menu options from the forum. I used a graphic from the flat graphics pak.
  15. Sad Duck

    my first design

    You'll probably have to make it bigger. TC7 is designed to create 'web' graphics, not t-shirt designs. That said, you can create some spectacular t-shirts IF your graphics are big enough. Below is a sample design I created for t-shirts. Note the size of the graphic ( 769 x 1350 ) which prints at 6.4" by 11.2". The second image shows the property values needed by Vistaprint ( which does excellent t-shirts by the way ). It say, for a short sleeve mens shirt that the dimensions should be 2100 x 2100 for a center design t-shirt. You should always create your designs as large as possible. You can always shrink them to fit without losing resolution. It's hard to go the other way. There are programs, and on-line utilities, that can increase size and DPI, but you will lose resolution. One solution, if you have a small graphic you want to use, is to vectorize it. A vector graphic can be scaled up or down with no loss of resolution. Takes some work. Most on-line solutions are not very good in my opinion. Using a service that charges can produce better results, but you'll have to decide if it's worth the cost to you.
  16. Sad Duck

    PNG PPI Resolution

    I use Photoscape on my Win 7 computer. You can download for free here. If you have Win 10, or a MAC, then download here. Photoscape will not only show you the DPI of an image, it will also let you adjust it. The image below is a TC7 creation with transparent background. Katie is correct that the default DPI from TC7 is 72.
  17. Sad Duck

    Background into silhouette image

    To remove the black in GIMP, simply use the 'fuzzy select' tool. Click on a black area, then press the DEL key and it should become transparent. This is if you are using a PNG graphic. Otherwise I think you have to use 'Color to Alpha' to make it transparent. If you are doing many areas, make sure to save from time to time so you don't have to start over if something goes awry!
  18. Sad Duck

    Background into silhouette image

    You mean like this? Easy peasy!
  19. Sad Duck

    Hi From Jim L. in Tampa

    Hey Jim, I know you been around a while. Good to see you here on the forum. Don't forget to check out the 'freebies'!
  20. Sad Duck

    Hi from Mark H. in Iowa

    Welcome! Be sure and share your web address! We'd love to visit your site and check out how you use TC7 graphics!
  21. Got a picture of what you are talking about? I'm going to guess, that the word 'Text' was originally in the template and never got deleted. Things will not be randomly added just because you save to a thumb drive. Or anywhere else. Where are you seeing this word 'Text''? Are you looking in the templates folder, after it is saved? If so, I know the answer to your question! But please, let me know where this word is showing up.
  22. Sad Duck

    Images Stuck

    TC7 is not really very good at circle text. Though it depends on the font. Some fonts work better than others. TC7 was never designed as a full fledged graphics editor. Some users find another program that will do circle text, then save that as a transparent png and import that image into TC7.
  23. Sad Duck

    Images Stuck

    Are you using a MAC, or PC? Sounds like a MAC. If so, please check that you have the most current version of the software. v7.2.9 If not, please update and see if you still have the problem. https://www.laughingbirdsoftware.com/updates/ Let us know if you are using the latest version, and still have a problem.
  24. A great way to let us promote our business. Thanks for starting this Lisa!
  25. Sad Duck

    Feedback on just one page on website

    I think it looks alright. I'm not much of a Pinterest surfer, but I did check out a couple of your pins and found the information useful. I guess I just need to get used to looking for 'pins' rather than just text. I'm old school! But it works. Looks nice enough, and is another resource for those needing information. Two thumbs up!