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  1. The search box text is pretty much white on white and very hard to see.
  2. Yes!
  3. Never a problem! Always good!
  4. Free Backgrounds A collection of 13 ( yeah, I know ... ) backgrounds from Sad Duck. FreeBackgrounds.zip
  5. Hi Jan, Very nice looking graphic, um, with one exception. I realize that English may not be your native language, but after translating you should check it with a spell checker. A simple typo on your graphic can really spoil it! ( successful )
  6. Welcome to the forum Barry! Be sure to look at all the topics. Some free stuff showing up. Don't want to miss out! If you have any questions, be sure to ask. Someone's always around.
  7. These are the latest graphics packs that have been added to my website. Sad Duck Come on by and have a look around! We'd love to see ya!
  8. Got Fireworks? On sale now at Sad Duck, get this awesome pack of firework graphics! Make fantastic memes, website graphics, newsletters and more!
  9. Hi Y'all! Below you'll find graphic packs that are for sale on my web site at Sad Duck All of my graphics are Royalty Free and can be used for personal and/or commercial purposes. All I ask is that you do not give away or re-sell my graphics either as single graphics or in a pack. My graphics are all transparent PNG and work well with The Creator 7. They can be used on the web, in email or blogs, to make memes and much more. Your only limitation is your imagination. So come on by and have a look around. Be sure to check out the Free Items I have posted on the web site. No need to register or sign in to download the free items. Sad Duck See y'all soon!
  10. See. If you ran Linux you wouldn't have to reboot!
  11. Welcome to the forum! Be sure to look at everything as there is a lot to see! If you have any questions, be sure to ask! Someone's always around!
  12. Wow! Lots of information! Pretty awesome that you use Linux when everyone else talks PC or MAC. I poked around with it back in the day, but just found myself always going back to the PC. Thanks for sharing how to organize your graphics, and for the 'Shout Out' for Sad Duck!
  13. YES! And it's not even hard! First, remember to ALWAYS backup your files before making changes! Simply open your favorite text editor and create a text file titled 'Slogans.txt' Or 'Taglines.txt' if you prefer to modify those. Type in your slogans. One per line! Then save the file to your desktop. Close TC7. Navigate to your TC7 program directory. Look to the pictures below for where it is on a Windows PC. It may be different on a MAC. Hopefully a MAC user will let us know! Rename the Slogans.txt file to Slogans_bak.txt ( or Taglines.txt to Taglines_bak.txt) This preserves the original file in case you ever want to change back. Move your Slogans.txt file to this directory. Finished! Open TC7 and you should see your slogans randomly chosen as you press the Slogans button. Awesome!

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