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  1. Happy Thanksgiving!

    Happy Thanksgiving to all you Creatorpreneurs!
  2. Output DPI

    I have used vistaprint several times. Mostly business cards. Yes, they want 300 DPI. But, if you make your card big enough, then use a 3rd party program to change the resolution to 300 DPI, it works fine. At least for me. You have to remember. TC7 is not a full fledged graphics editing program. It was created to make 'web' graphics. 300 DPI is simply not required for that. As I said, it can do print, and do a fine job. It just takes a little work around.
  3. Output DPI

    Actually, TC7 only outputs at 96 DPI. Not 300. Never has, probably never will. I'm not sure what the new on-line Graphics Creator will output. It may produce 300 DPI. I'm just not sure. TC7 was made to produce graphics for the web. Not print. Smaller graphics files make for faster load times on the net. There are ways to increase DPI but you will lose resolution. I'm sure you know you can only stretch things so far, before they break. You can make your graphic as large as you can ( 2880 x 2880 is the largest TC7 will export at ) and it will make for fine printing. Business cards, even t-shirts, no problem. But if your printer wants 300 DPI then you'll have to use a 3rd party program ( such as Photoscape, it's free ) to change the exported graphics DPI to 300. But as I said, you are simply stretching the image and resolution will suffer the higher you go.
  4. Templates Not Showing Up

    You can try a re-install. Should just overwrite and not hurt anything. Leave 6.0 alone! Don't delete or remove. After 7.2.9 install you will have 2 icons. 1 for v6 and 1 for v7. Use either version. You also need to insure you have the latest version of Adobe Air installed. Let us know if a reinstall works for you.
  5. Glad it worked for you! Enjoy!
  6. If this does not work, there may be another program running on your computer that is interfering with TC7. Check for any running programs and disable if you can. Last resort, make sure you are off the internet. Then disable your anti-virus program and see if TC7 will run. You may also want to run a full virus scan, though I would find it amazing that TC7 would be the only program having problems. Your choice ...
  7. If you have solved this problem, please let us know. Also, what fixed it? Okay. You are on Windows. There are 2 versions, Windows and MAC on the download pages. Usually. Make sure you are downloading the correct version of the program, and the add ons. Sounds like something is corrupted. Remember, computers store data magnetically. Happens. This is a rather long procedure, but will hopefully get you going. Make sure TC7 is CLOSED. Then, make sure you have a copy of TC7, and your add on paks, backed up! ( some of us are really big on backing things up! ) Next, go to your /My Documents/Laughingbird Documents folder. Make sure there are 2 folders ( there may be more but these need to be there! ) ../Logo Elements and ../Logo Libraries Check in those directories for any subdirectories that do not look right. ( ie. strange and unusual names or characters in names. Shows corruption! ) If everything looks good, then Go to C:\Program Files (x86) and DELETE the directory /The Creator 7 After making sure that you have downloaded the correct version of The Creator, simply re-install and hopefully all will be well. If not, go back to your Laughingbird Documents directory. BACKUP your ../Logo Libraries/My Templates folder to a safe location or another drive. BACKUP any other saved templates you have made. DELETE the Laughingbird Documents folder completely. Re-install TC7. ( if you previously deleted TC7 and re-installed, you don't have to do it again. It should overwrite what's there, and create the directories you need.) If you are using the FREE version of TC7, make sure to download and install the FREE templates! After installing TC7, check for /My Documents/Laughingbird Documents/Logo Elements and /My Documents/Laughingbird Documents/Logo Libraries Open TC7 and make sure the program runs. Close the program. Re-install 1 of your add on paks. Open TC7 and see if everything is working. Close the program. Continue adding and testing after each pak. Make sure to CLOSE TC7 before installing a new add on. Let us know how it goes.
  8. Milton from Ontario,Canada

    Welcome to the group Milton! Have a look around and let us know if you need any help!
  9. Milton from Ontario,Canada

    Welcome to the group Milton! Have a look around and let us know if you need any help!
  10. Re: Problem

    If you are saying that you added the logo to your library, and can see it in the directory on your computer, but not in TC7 ... then check and make sure that the file extension is lower case ( ie.. .png and not .PNG ) That does make a difference! Other than that. You can use File/Import png or jpg to add the logo to your canvas. It does not have to come from a built in library. Let me know if that helps, or if you need more information.
  11. Hello Everyone!

    Welcome! Any questions be sure to ask! If you look around the forum there are some pretty nifty FREE graphics to be had. Several users have uploaded freebies so be sure and check them all out!
  12. Here is my take on things. First, are you a Windows or MAC user? If you are on a MAC, well, best do as Katie says! If you are a Windows user ... Your files are located at c:\Program Files (x86) Refer to Fig. 1 I did not uninstall/delete anything in reality. I simply renamed the directories so that the files would not be accessed. Works fine. However, you can delete if you want to. ( After you make an archive backup of the directories! ) Simply delete ( DO NOT uninstall! ) the directories you no longer want. Your templates and graphics are stored in your \My Documents\Laughingbird Documents\ directory and should remain there. If you have made a backup, and things do not work out for whatever reason, simply restore your directory from the backup. Thumb drives are cheap these days, please make a backup! Fig 1: Fig 2:
  13. Re: Problem

    Are you a MAC, or Win user? I don't use a MAC, so someone else may need to chime in. Windows: Those folders should be in your Laughingbird Documents folder. c:\user\[your-user-name]\My Documents\Laughingbird Documents That folder should contain \Logo Elements and \Logo Libraries If your folders are in your download area, something went wrong. You can try and drag/dropping them into your Laughingbird Documents folder, but it may or may not work. You may simply have to reinstall the software to get the proper directory structure. PLEASE make a backup copy of your files you try and move anything. You may find this of some use ... FindURmojo.zip
  14. Can you give us a picture of what you mean? You can adjust the width of the outline, as well as select any color combination for text and outline. What exactly are you trying, and what is printing?
  15. Hello from Canada

    Hi Sue! Welcome back to The Creator! Fantastic program for sure, as long as you have the graphics to create! Remember that you can add any graphic or picture as long as you have the rights to it. There are a couple of us that have sites selling various graphics packages. Love to have you come by and take a look. If you need a specific graphic and don't see it, be sure to ask! Also search the forum 'Freebie' listings as several of us have graphics we are giving away! Sad Duck