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  1. Hi Jos3ph! I made mine 1290 x 200. The blank grey placeholder allows for the menu options from the forum. I used a graphic from the flat graphics pak.
  2. You'll probably have to make it bigger. TC7 is designed to create 'web' graphics, not t-shirt designs. That said, you can create some spectacular t-shirts IF your graphics are big enough. Below is a sample design I created for t-shirts. Note the size of the graphic ( 769 x 1350 ) which prints at 6.4" by 11.2". The second image shows the property values needed by Vistaprint ( which does excellent t-shirts by the way ). It say, for a short sleeve mens shirt that the dimensions should be 2100 x 2100 for a center design t-shirt. You should always create your designs as large as possible. You can always shrink them to fit without losing resolution. It's hard to go the other way. There are programs, and on-line utilities, that can increase size and DPI, but you will lose resolution. One solution, if you have a small graphic you want to use, is to vectorize it. A vector graphic can be scaled up or down with no loss of resolution. Takes some work. Most on-line solutions are not very good in my opinion. Using a service that charges can produce better results, but you'll have to decide if it's worth the cost to you.
  3. I use Photoscape on my Win 7 computer. You can download for free here. If you have Win 10, or a MAC, then download here. Photoscape will not only show you the DPI of an image, it will also let you adjust it. The image below is a TC7 creation with transparent background. Katie is correct that the default DPI from TC7 is 72.
  4. http://hamwaves.com/gimp.transparency/en/index.html Many youtube videos on how to work with GIMP. GIMP Transparency
  5. To remove the black in GIMP, simply use the 'fuzzy select' tool. Click on a black area, then press the DEL key and it should become transparent. This is if you are using a PNG graphic. Otherwise I think you have to use 'Color to Alpha' to make it transparent. If you are doing many areas, make sure to save from time to time so you don't have to start over if something goes awry!
  6. You mean like this? Easy peasy!
  7. I uploaded the file and got the message that the upload failed. I am not sure whether I can upload mp4 file here. You can see the video in the facebook page of laughingbird group. Thank you for the message. I will try to upload again today.

    1. gcuneo2


      test upload of mp4 file....

      guy talkliing.mp4

  8. Hm. Interesting concept Ramu, but your link above does not work.
  9. Hey Jim, I know you been around a while. Good to see you here on the forum. Don't forget to check out the 'freebies'!
  10. Used my graphics in TC7. Then added embedded text 'Savatage'. Added outline and shadow and set opacity to 50%. Easy to duplicate blocks and add any text to like to create your own unique signs.
  11. Good idea!
  12. Welcome! Be sure and share your web address! We'd love to visit your site and check out how you use TC7 graphics!
  13. The graphics contained in templates are various sizes. They will only scale so far. Remember, TC7 was designed to create graphics for the web. They don't really need to be very big. Trying to scale them to much will simply make them lose resolution and look fuzzy. If you need a large graphic, you will have to look for an alternate source. Remember to look for 'royalty free' graphics. Not all graphics that are 'free' on the internet are royalty free. You also need to check the license for every graphic you download and use. Check to see if it is only for 'personal use', or if you can use it for 'commercial' purposes. If you need more information, just post back and let us know. As far as the selecting problem. Even if a graphic is 'transparent, it may have a border. Even text. These can overlap other graphics and you may not realize it. Simply click on the screen, and if the graphic you are trying to select is not selected, hold down the mouse button and move the mouse. See if something else. moves. If so, move it out of the way. Modify the graphic you want. Then move the other graphic back. Text is sometimes hard to select because the mouse pointer has to be 'on the text'. You might have to scale it up to make it easier to select. And when finished, scale it back down.
  14. Got a picture of what you are talking about? I'm going to guess, that the word 'Text' was originally in the template and never got deleted. Things will not be randomly added just because you save to a thumb drive. Or anywhere else. Where are you seeing this word 'Text''? Are you looking in the templates folder, after it is saved? If so, I know the answer to your question! But please, let me know where this word is showing up.
  15. Did this one a while back. Used a template from the 'Mock Up Templates'. Added my own graphics. Used embedded fonts from TC7. The Mock Up templates make drag and drop creations simple and easy.

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