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  1. If there is anyone else here that is running Windows 8.1 with no issues please comment here.
  2. Yes I have the latest version and just tried to install again no go
  3. I have a laptop with Windows 7 installed so I installed The Creator on it and there was no problems. I am not at the desktop with Windows 8.1 where the problems are with The Creator but once I arrive I will try again.
  4. Yes I did delete all but I will try again
  5. Hi KD-did, I have been around since 2001 thanks. That is not what I am looking for to rebuild a template, I did a fresh install twice and the same thing is happening no files renaming no moving to another location just trying to open a complete template so that I can modify or add images.
  6. Hi, been using Marc software for years and I mean years but I am having an issue with the software if anyone here knows how to fix it please let me know. The image attach explains it all. When I launch the creator no problem but when I open a template or logo I get this error plus at times when I try to save a template it doesn't want to save nor close I have to go to task manager to close the program. Please help