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  1. This will be a place to ask questions / make comments about the Graphics Creator 8.0
  2. gcuneo2

    The Graphics Creator 8.0

    I've been using the software for 16 years now. The best new feature for me? The text handling.
  3. gcuneo2

    Image size

    Just between KD-did and myself we have over 30 years of experience using Laughingbird software.
  4. gcuneo2

    Why I still use TC7

    you have a template folder in an element directory!
  5. gcuneo2

    Why I still use TC7

    I never noticed that list is non alphabetized. Even using the search box in the fonts tab does not produce an alphabetized list, I lust tried searching for "A"- it results in a non alphabetized list of fonts that contain the letter a. That's probably not a too big a deal though-- I tend to use, probably, about a dozen fonts regularly.
  6. gcuneo2

    Why I still use TC7

    I absolutely hate how the elements appear in tc8. Make your selection, then scroll some more. The element menu in 7.2.9 is far superior, this menu (in tc8) is a step backward.
  7. Any update from version 6.0 thru 7.2.9 of the Creator (used to be called "The logo creator") do not even touch the laughingbird document library- it only updates the program files. The LB doc library is in your main document library. ABOUT THE UPDATES: There was a flurry of updates from 7.0--- 7.2.1, 7.2.2 and finally 7.2.9- that was the update that actually overwrote the program files. Non of those updates did nothing to your Laughingbird document library. Before version 7.2.9 every time you installed an update it installed the update into it's own new program directory. At one time I had 7 different versions all installed. All versions from version 6.0 through version 7.2.9 use the same laughingbird document library. Even if you ran the uninstaller from version 6.6 for example- it didn't uninstall any of your documents, it just deleted the program files. There were some mac users, probably less than 10, in the past that had this issue, that OS hasn't been around for a while now.
  8. I know that looks really jagged... if the original is like that I could fix it, but stuff like that costs--- I work for cookies now....
  9. I don't have the original image, the example shown is quick n dirty, but a border is easily done: In photoshop or photoshop elements: select the image, find the edges, inverse the selection, go to EDIT choose stroke, refine the thickness, color, etc.... If you can post an image of just the cat on the blanket in the png format, I could do it for you. Sometimes people can use the shadow tool. Sometimes you can duplicate they layer, make it a solid color, enlarge it a bit, and send to the back to make a fake outline.
  10. gcuneo2

    Reinstalar software

    Please, we suffered an accident and our PC succumbed, the program we acquired to create personal cards and other attachments such as pets and figures was installed. We have acquired a new pc and we want to reinstall its programs because it is very useful for us, there will be some way or way to get again the program package that was bought from you ... I will be very grateful for your attention paid ... God bless you P.S. I bought the Grafics Creator version 6 and courtesy sent me other programs as pets and then this one, it was updated to Grafics Creator version 7 The owner will see this and set things up for you. It would help if you could include the email used for your purchase. El propietario verá esto y preparará las cosas para usted. Sería útil si pudiera incluir el correo electrónico utilizado para su compra.
  11. Yes It/s possible, and easily done. I just copied your image into C8- it's a jpg, which can't handle transparent backgrounds. Load your image, adjust the canvas size. Go to EDIT menu New rectangle Adjust the size. Go to the shape menu. Adjust the color / opacity of the border. Adjust the color of the shape (that's the shape fill color). In your case Leave it white. Go to OPTIONS. Send the shape to the back If the buttons are "clickable": you do that with whatever web page editor you use. You could also add a border in any number of programs, including GIMP which is free.
  12. gcuneo2

    The Graphics Creator 8.0

    This works for me.
  13. gcuneo2

    The Graphics Creator 8.0

    Here's an example of a good question: What happens to templates we've made that contain system fonts in version 8.0?
  14. gcuneo2

    facebook cover templates

    Till you get things figure out: just use the windows clip app, or something like FatsStone Capture to make a screen shot of the template on the canvas. 1. It will always say "all files" down at the bottom right right corner. You gotta look up at the top left corner of the window banner to see the file type. 2. Anti virus software can make this (unable to save) happen. Many have settings to control access / prevent certain actions to guard against ransom ware attacks. FOR EXAMPLE. BitDefender has an option for Safe Files, Secured Folders. Turning that off often clears up such issues. I can max out all my antivirus settings and all sorts of problems happen. SINCE VERSION 7.2.9 doesn't require internet connectivity to work, here is something, or two, or three, you might want to try: Reboot into safe mode, see if you still have the same issue. Tweek your antivurs settings-- tweek em down for a bit... make em really loosy goosy" see what happens.
  15. Your logo libraries contents will be different than mine, what is important is the directory structure, and it's location.
  16. gcuneo2


    "I think it's being addressed now..." That's funny- that's what I was saying two years ago....actually that's sad...
  17. For over two years now the max export size is only 2880 x 2880- in spite of the advertised export size being 3300 x 3300. This is something that has never been addressed.
  18. Hey! I'm Glenn, Up until Dec 31st I sold image sets on my own website (glenncuneo.com). I shut down the store, and now an "repackaging" many of my image sets to be sold on clipart.com and a couple of other sites. "Large Gary" is an awesome looking parrot by the way! Enjoy! https://www.dropbox.com/s/ljmhg0p0vdq279k/LARGE GARY.zip?dl=0 ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ https://www.dropbox.com/s/p2sx9jzq6ndgwhr/LARGE LANCE.zip?dl=0 ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ https://www.dropbox.com/s/ik33zq7xqgjomaa/Large Jerome.zip?dl=0 ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ https://www.dropbox.com/s/t7pzleevseuhmh7/LARGE HARRY.zip?dl=0 ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ https://www.dropbox.com/s/sphkx5qm4zyoiri/LARGE BOBBIE.zip?dl=0 ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ https://www.dropbox.com/s/jf0dcv239ujpj0q/LARGE ALBERTt.zip?dl=0 ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ https://www.dropbox.com/s/phu2sm3wkn4apto/LARGE LITTLE JENNY.zip?dl=0 ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ https://www.dropbox.com/s/ts0ab44jnpchqan/LARGE LITTLE JEROMINA.zip?dl=0 ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ https://www.dropbox.com/s/u7mwy81aps0fh71/LARGE LITTLE LANCE JR.zip?dl=0 ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ https://www.dropbox.com/s/kz2aw2gmaum8wjy/MORTIMER MOUSE.zip?dl=0 ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ https://www.dropbox.com/s/695s8e4yqv8kzqc/BIG TED.zip?dl=0
  19. I have over 23,000 images I've made in the past three years. recently I've been updating many of the image sets- rendering them at three times their original size, and making much smaller sets of 20 or so of these updated images. Can I give them away under the free graphics tab- or would you just prefer to stick with your products?
  20. gcuneo2

    Image Density

    A good rule of thumb, when thinking about the final exported image using the creator: every 300 in canvas size will result in 1 inch at 300 dpi (even though the original image is only exported at 96dpi). All the online printers typically require 300 dpi- especially if you want your image be crisp. By tripling the size of your canvas, you essential "fool" all lthe online services that require 150 or 300 dpi for a final image to work with. Triple the size of your canvas in proportion to what you want (a business card or a tshirt design for example): because of the max exported size of 2880 x 2880 the largest image you can make "at 300 dpi" is almost 10 inches square. Why do you think the Business card templates are so huge in size? They print up crisp and clean with any online service.
  21. You already have the "engine"- (that's the creator's program files- not the templates) installed, no reason to reinstall that, or the exe file associated with the youtube channel graphics installer. You have to install the creator / logo creator engine first. It sets up the document library the it is needed. NEXT: GO HERE, DOWNLOAD THE FREE TEMPLATE SET IF YOU HAVEN'T: https://www.laughingbirdsoftware.com/download-free-template-set/ Then install the youtube stuff- sticking with using the creator exe file, not the youtube.exe file Do it in that order , your 20 day problem should go away. If you are using the youtube exe file/ shortcut I recommend you stop, and stick with using the creator exe file. The youtube graphics creator installation file creates it's own exe- no reason to use it. All you are doing is installing the templates and elements anyway. When the youtube product was first released about 4 years ago it included just the youtube templates / elements, it did not contain any logo templates. You even ended up with a separate exe / icon / desktop shortcut file you clicked on to begin with. At that time many users did in fact click on the "youtube graphics creator" icon / exe file to begin, and no one had any issues, but many did. It was determined that use of the Youtube exe file just didn't work for a bunch of folks and it was recommended that users didn't even need to use it- at that time it was recommended they should stick with using the the logo creator.exe file. Originally the youtube produce was released about NOV 20th, 2014. The was a beta preview released a few days prior to some folks, it got tweaked a bit, and the rtm product was released a few days later.
  22. The black boxes in the templates are nothing more than black box shapes to show you where your videos should go--- they do not contain placeholders. You need a video editor that can handle "composting" or layering. You get that message, which is really an error message in this case, when you try to drag and drop and image onto a selected element which is not text. You may find it easier to just delete the black boxes.
  23. gcuneo2

    What size do i need to make this

    https://www.laughingbirdsoftware.com/products/social-media-templates/ Just buy it, save yourself the hassle!