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  1. The black boxes in the templates are nothing more than black box shapes to show you where your videos should go--- they do not contain placeholders. You need a video editor that can handle "composting" or layering. You get that message, which is really an error message in this case, when you try to drag and drop and image onto a selected element which is not text. You may find it easier to just delete the black boxes.
  2. gcuneo2

    What size do i need to make this

    https://www.laughingbirdsoftware.com/products/social-media-templates/ Just buy it, save yourself the hassle!
  3. You purchase them: https://www.laughingbirdsoftware.com/products/the-logo-creator/
  4. YOU NEED TO INSTALL ONE OF THE REGULAR TEMPLATE SETS first. RIGHT NOW, YOU ARE MISSING YOUR LOGO LIBRARIES FOLDER. You definitely have not installed the basic template set (the 200 templates)- you're missing a bunch of files that belong in your screenshot, in the logo elements directory. If you have the basic logo templates set, either the original, or the updated v2 set install those first. THE COMIC SET: the comic elements folder contains a bunch of other folders. Install the basic template set first, and your will be good-
  5. gcuneo2

    Why not have a Gallery forum?

    There is a section for feedback. Like the gallery idea.... This is the link to the feedback section here on the forum. https://www.laughingbirdsoftware.com/forum/forum/19-ask-for-feedback/ If you wanna see what images folks posted on the group page, just click on the photos tab near the top left of the page--- I often will browse the group page that that way
  6. About a month ago I added a live feed to my Pinterest page on my website. I can't really control the layout of the feed, it is what it is. MY QUESTION: Do you find the page helpful / useful? I'm trying to give my website viewers more of a reason to stay on my website, which is always a good thing. The page looks good on mobile devices, and my webhost tells me over half my page visits are from mobile devices. I've never actually seen too many pinterest feeds incorporated on websites so I thought I would give it a try. http://www.glenncuneo.com/my-pinterest-page.html
  7. You must use an external program to change the DPI for an output of 300dpi. You are aware that this post is only to your profile, and not the main part of the forum?
  8. Welcome! Where you posted your greeting is just on your profile, not the main part of the forum, is that what you wanted to do? If not: Just click of the "forums" tab then find one ( I recommend this one) : http://www.laughingbirdsoftware.com/forum/forums/introduce-yourself.56/
  9. Please check your conversation with KD-DID. She invited me into the conversation.
  10. Good morning Maria, I understand you have been having issues with WIN 8.0 and The logo creator. I included some basic instructions in your conversation with KD-DID, let me know if they work. You also need to upgrade to WIN 8.1 ASAP-- it's pretty important-- you have to have 8.1 running to get the UPGRADE FOR 8.1.....
  12. What is your question?