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  1. I did leave a message nothing yet
  2. I am going to go with KD on this one sbruce21 because to be honest I have never tried to edit the .fla files. My knowledge of flash is pretty limited to what the software does for me. I too suggest contacting Marc.
  3. I am trying to add my own images to the native FLA template. i tried to go to the base location of the image. The location seem to be a target action but does not let me swap anything.
  4. help me please ad creator
  5. Can u help me with add my own images to native fla ad _19 in ad creator. I tried to get there by way of the time line but when i get down to the the base location, it seems to be in an target folder or action and i am unable to swap location. Could these images be part of a script that is hidden. If not is it possible to add the swf file that ad creator makes to a new FLA.
  6. who srry i should have proff read that last message b4 i sent it
  7. Hello i am new here and posted asking for help. some1 told me that you might be able to help, i am trying to add my own images to the FLA native template but i can t seem to locate where i get to the target location but there no where to swap the image. FLA 19 is the file i am currently working on