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  1. Hi , so I have the Corporate Identity Creator which I acquired in 2010 , this allows me to create logos to attach to cards , letters and envelopes, up to 95 templates, while the Creator 7 though easier to work with does not do so. is the CIC now obsolete or is there by any chance an updated version or PAK that is designed to work seamlessly with Creator 7 ? Sharing assets between my older versions and newer Creator 7 seems particularly challenging so far, some guidance would be greatly appreciated, this from the Newbie to the TLC Masters
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    Thanks much KD-did, seems that the resolution is ok for importation into word and excel but not COREL DRAW for some reason even with the convert.town link will keep trying however, if I get a solution ,will post it, cheers
  3. Hi, I am looking at creating a logo with a pharmaceutical theme, are there any templates or assets specific to this theme available?
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    Thanks Much KD-did, additionally , I when I export finished logo or card as a PNG , Transparent PNG or JPEG the resulting resolution is poor especially on importation to the main graphics software that I use (Corel Draw), it appears pixelated. is there a way to solve this or is there a graphics platform that works with this that the results would be crisp clean cut outlines?