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  1. well I didn't know that it was required to come on this board to use the software. I had no idea that I need to download it first. So in other words I guess I lost my templates. May I suggest in the future, when you have these mandatory upgrades you might suggest that we save our template somewhere else cuz now I have at least 15 templates of logos that I have to remake. Plus, how am I supposed to know that I'm going to have to save my personal templates! Especially when I go to open up the program and I can't get into it because I'm required to do this update?! This is very frustrating and disappointing.and honestly I don't really see any difference in this mandatory upgrade so this actually makes it worse. I'm worse off than I was! Thanks! I'm very upset
  2. Also, I AM NOT A NEWBIE I have worked with this software and has been registered since 2008. I don't use this software as often as I used too because I use photoshop most of the time.
  3. "My Templates" option is missing since the upgrade that I DID NOT want, I only option that I have is logo templates v2.
  4. I haven't used this software in a while, but when I tried, I was forced to install the upgrade which I did but now I cannot find the templates I created, they are no longer a selection in the dropdown. How can I recover them????
  5. You can not use the quick reply option but rather click on "post reply" scroll down and their is a button that says "manage attachments". There you can upload images.
  6. How do you post images in a post?