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  1. Hi, yes, the CIC can’t be upgraded anymore... it’s really old and you can’t really share between this and The Creator7 . The Creator does have a business card pack. if you’re wanting to create images big enough to use for letterhead and envelopes, you might like to try the new Web Graphics Creator. It has over 900 templates and tons of great new features and templates... it’s the online version. You can try it for free at https://www.webgraphicscreator.com Hope that helps!
  2. LisaSly

    i prefer no monthly membership

    Hi Hugh. Our new product is the Web Graphics Creator... which you can find directly at https://www.webgraphicscreator.com :)
  3. Hey All! We've got a new, really unique template pack for you... The Scenery Creator. You just have to check out the graphics, because we really can't explain it in words https://www.laughingbirdsoftware.com/products/the-scenery-creator/ Enjoy!
  4. LisaSly

    i prefer no monthly membership

    Marc and I totally understand that the online subscription software isn't for everyone. It's just a way of offering all of the templates and graphics we have all at once. And it has some cool new features that can only be added to a browser-based software. No worries, you are both more than welcome to use The Creator7 downloadable version... that's why we have both... we aren't trading it in Jsengers... you can continue to use what you have and can find the other downloadable packages here as always... doing a subscription isn't required: https://www.laughingbirdsoftware.com/design-software-and-graphics-content-store/ Hope that helps! Lisa
  5. LisaSly


    Not sure why this happened Heinz, butt thanks for the screenshot... it helps a lot! I cancelled for you, so you’re good to go
  6. LisaSly

    Graphic Design Basics

    Find out what you need to know to get stunning graphics... easily Go here: https://www.laughingbirdsoftware.com/graphic-design-basics-online-entrepreneurs/
  7. LisaSly

    Web Graphics Creator Purchase

    Yep, we’re still releasing new graphics packs for the Creator7
  8. LisaSly

    Web Graphics Creator Purchase

    Hi JCURLEE. We’re still working on it but haven’t forgotten... we’ll get your credits transferred and get you in at the discounted price. Did you actually PM Marc on Facebook... if so, he’ll be getting back to you. If not, make sure to do so Thanks for your patience.
  9. Hi! Thanks and that’s nice to hear. You are of course welcome to stick with The Creator7! I’d love to know what your bad experience with Adobe was... so we can avoid it Best, Lisa
  10. LisaSly

    dial up connection not work properly

    Sorry, I'm not sure what you're referring to? Did you purchase the online Web Graphics Creator?
  11. LisaSly

    Web Graphics Creator Purchase

    JCURLEE... You can definitely use your credits... If you haven't already, you can PM Marc Sylvester on Facebook and he'll help you out with this. Best!
  12. LisaSly

    Hello from the great Pacific NW

    Hi Chuck! Great to have you! Love the Pacific NW... in the summer it's the most magical place Join us in the Laughingbird Facebook group. You'll get a lot of great info about the software and graphics!
  13. Just wanted to let everyone know that now Laughingbird Customers have 2 awesome design options: 1. The NEW Web Graphics Creator... an online tool with incredible features, including Video Motion, and easy access anywhere, anytime! or 2. The CLASSIC Creator7 desktop version which has been in the hands of online entrepreneurs and creatives since 2001! Check them out and see which is right for you! Let us know if you have questions. Marc & Lisa
  14. The Web Graphics Creator is LIVE! Create amazing Motion Video Graphics, animated gifs and stunning visual content for your blog, website, social media or marketing. Check out the video and more: https://webgraphicscreator.com
  15. Yes, true Steve. This allows us to add new features anytime without you having to download or pay for new software... and you can access it from any computer, anywhere! It's being offered at a great price for LB customers (before we raise prices and start telling others). Let me know if you have any other questions