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  1. Is it possible to use Logocreator 8 to create a border around an image, for posting on a web page? (see attached example) As in the example, let's say we import an image into Logocreator, then place an overlay of a border over the image, Then it gets exported with with white background or transparent background. During the design stage of the web page, this image can be in the background, and all other buttons or text can be in the front. Possible? (Thanks for any suggestions or tips - much obliged!)
  2. Thanks again, Guys! Your time and patience is much appreciated. From what you have described and shown, it looks like I will need to use a few other graphic/image tools to manipulate an image (eg. a photo), create transparency and incorporate that into Logocreator. Will try to play with this a little more and hope to get the results I need. Again, really appreciate the friendly help and patience to help other users in need. Much obliged.
  3. Thanks so much, guys! That seemed easy enough. How about the curvy shape over the image - see example of the shape around the cute, little kitten? (with arrow pointing)