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This is the place to ask questions about graphics, marketing your business or posting your acheivments. You can talk to other users of Laughingbird Software, post feedback and ask others to see your stuff! Don't be shy, ...have fun in here. We're all family 😀

(don't forget to introduce yourself)

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  1. Your the man Chris! Hope all is well.
  2. Happy Birthday!
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  8. You can not use the quick reply option but rather click on "post reply" scroll down and their is a button that says "manage attachments". There you can upload images.
  9. Thanks, That is much better.
  10. OK I got it fixed. Let me know if you see anything else.
  11. I am going to go with KD on this one sbruce21 because to be honest I have never tried to edit the .fla files. My knowledge of flash is pretty limited to what the software does for me. I too suggest contacting Marc.
  12. help me please ad creator