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  1. Welcome Grace, I have had that happen also. Often it is just a name thing.When they are out of the normal  ttf mode like otf, TTF oe even OTF the font show in the menu. What I usually do is use an online font name converter.Usually it is an OS issue OR are program/application specific font. Make sure the font was installed into ONLY in the MAIN font folder.

    Looks weird here but it does work.just click .ttf mode then click bottom SELECT to re-name it.

    What is the font?


    Screen Shot 2019-10-12 at 8.03.04 AM.png

    Halloween-Grosses citrouilles-1.gif

  2. Lee, sorry the answer to this looks like it may be late...Not absolutely sure where you are holding the cursor over....Forgive me it is BC here (before coffee)

    .First off there is no reason to save a canvas size...Once sized just make your ad.When you close the program the canvas BTW "saving" saves the template  so it can be edited and changed.The canvas resizes when your work canvas is closed.The template will save even the size.

    Check to see what file format you exported your ad in. Only TC can see or open a .tlc file.

    Attach the file here if the problem persists.If worse comes to worse you can always use a 3rd party....online/installed resizer.

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  3. Where are they installed? Are they pathed to C drive?  Do you see a folder called Laughingbird Documents in your Documents folder? That is the location where they. should be installed....Different than from the "PROGRAM FILES" installation location where the previous was installed..Look tom see that there are two folders...one called Logo Elements and the other called Logo Library.

    If you are a PC user go to the "MEMBERS' portal sign-in to your account and get a fresh download......that will insure you have no possibility of trying to install a damaged file . Go to and sign in to your account...IF you don't have one request a membership. Provide a receipt for your purchases. It is a new database and the previous accounts before 3/6/15 don't exist in it.


    If you are a Mac user you should just download the latest version. You can add all the elements from your previous purchases to the Logo Elements  depending on the version of your templates there could be issues. For updates check out.


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