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    Can't Select Objects

    Welcome to the forum. Is this a new installation? Have you done a reset or cold reboot after installing? Are you picking an built in element or one from some place else on your computer/Every time you click the button in a succession it starts the process over again.
  2. KD-did

    Hi from Mark H. in Iowa

    So glad that you have joined.
  3. KD-did

    I can't see my templates!

    That is usually caused by file names that contain unrecognized characters in the name. Things like stars are PROBLEMS.Keep titles to alphabet and or numerical characters. The program counts are off because of it. First back up your program and contents. I, myself would save the file with just my content on a USB stick. Go into LB Documents folder>>>>>Template folder and to your templates file (name my vary depending on your set up) On mine it is "My Templates". Now change the name or delete the problem titles. Refresh or perferably a cold reboot.
  4. I have saved a TC template to thumb drive thousands of times and never seen that. Never ever heard of it with any LB product.What I am thinking is perhaps it is something is your ' viewer' that is making it appear as if it s apart of the file. Is it apart of an element?I have never see LB use a watermark of any kind in 14 year time frame.Could you zip a file and attach here? What format are you
  5. KD-did

    Images Stuck

    I am a Mac user also. The circle font thing is an issue. Go for a work around and then import it from another source as an image file.
  6. KD-did

    Images Stuck

    That text circle text thing drives me nuts.First look to your own apps for a work around using a desktop publisher or other word processing applications. If it is an embedded font look for it and install it to the system fonts.The other option is to use a text generator (scroll down on page) http://www.picturetopeople.org/text_generator/others/transparent/transparent-text-generator.html Also remember things have changed which does cause you computer to think about the process instead of just doing it.
  7. KD-did

    Hi from Pete

    Welcome to the forum. It is a place to share and learn. It's strong point is threads can be found easily when they have disappeared from sight.
  8. KD-did

    Hi from Hunny

    Welcome to the forum.
  9. Shouldn't that be separation not seperation?

  10. Star, I can only speculate here BUT, it sounds like you had the "Demo" set first. It had a limited amount of templates . The program does NOT overwrite so it has to be removed first. START FRESH!!!!!So the best thing to do is a delete the Laughingbird Documents folder . Get a fresh download and reinstall from scratch.........The program looks to see a file, it saw a file by the correct name so it did not overwrite it. Which is what probably happened. Start from scratch and you will certainly have everything
  11. Check this out: Make sure we are on the same page http://laughingbirdsoftware.helpscoutdocs.com/article/123-getting-started-with-the-logo-creator
  12. Did you open up where you first select a template set?On the left side One you cheese a set they should show on the right side. Where are the templates stored? The usual place or a custom option?
  13. KD-did


    Pardon my ignorance but, are you saying you had to log into the software . A brief history would be nice.Are you on a Mac or PC? Have you updated or done any deletions as of late. You logged in where? And expected to see what where?
  14. Simply save as a template again to your desktop or USB stick. Remove the old and replace it with the one on the stick or desktop.
  15. Can you simply go back to the point you saw the problem files? Restore it? Then you would just have to remove the hyphen in the name. To delete a file all you have to do is click on the whole file. It was the name that was the issue not the contents.
  16. No it really isn't a bug .....Usually it is caused by a file name that contains a' character' that is not a number or letter in. It counts it but doesn't "SEE" it. The program doesn't see it so neither do you. Go to Laughingbird Documents folder >>>>>templates>>>My templates.....Look at the contents and the names of the file.
  17. KD-did

    I can't see my templates!

    Did you delete or move something recently? Read this and check for the files . http://laughingbirdsoftware.helpscoutdocs.com/article/77-why-cant-i-see-any-images-or-templates
  18. KD-did

    Hi from Joan

    Things are just getting off the ground and there's plenty of hints. tips and graphics ahead.Hope to see you around often
  19. KD-did

    Steve Rosenbaum

    Welcome to the forum.
  20. BTW....there is a HUGE list of flags for this effect!!. All you tell it do is go and next you will see a file which you download. Lots of different effects!!!!!
  21. Instead of just doing images you can also do CUSTOM text. Write your text with TC or any program you can choose the font. Export or save as a transparent .png. Use the "PHOTO EFFECTS.. Because it is an image file ANY font will work. Size should be about the size you want finished. http://www.picturetopeople.org/ They also have lots of text effects. THe only thing is I have found that when the text is black the effects don't show up. Now just import as an image onto your canvas.
  22. Click on the smiley in the above bar when writing or answering a thread. After hitting the "Reply to this topic" button. Emoticons will then appear. Check out the ones that aren't run of the mill by checking out the Large Smileys under catagories..
  23. BTW....there is a HUGE list of flags for this effect\. All you tell it do is go and next you will see a file which you download.