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  1. KD-did

    Mockup error

    It is usually a god idea to do a shut down and a reboot after an installation. Also have you tried any other template?
  2. KD-did

    Mockup error

    Have you done a cold re-boot since installing Mock-ups?
  3. KD-did

    Mockup error

    But did you do it first?
  4. KD-did

    Mockup error

    Did you highlight the placemarker where it was to go first?
  5. KD-did

    Placeholder Element

    Currently the answer is "NO". You can, however, do a look alike work around. Clear the canvas except for the placeholder object. Export that as a TRANSPARENT .png. Open a new canvas and import ...Make size change to that file. Import the image you would have drug onto the canvas. Place background..
  6. KD-did


    Looks to me that it asking you to register for your members account. It is a newer setup since March 2015. The members account is where the actual downlinks exist.
  7. KD-did


    Version 7.2.9
  8. KD-did

    Membership Club

    I would double check on that being able to use Paypal in Germany. It maybe just your bank that doesn't permit Paypal activity.
  9. Thank you for this very USEFUL post.
  10. KD-did

    Hello all! Dino from Uxbridge Ontario

    Lofty goals. While visiting you might want to check out Graphic Elements Free png images there.
  11. Suekeetch, that is odd. Perhaps it has something to do with a slowness somewhere in the internet. When you attach a file the little bar underneath should show the progress . If the bar doesn't color it means it didn't attach but try again.
  12. KD-did

    Gif FILES

    Yes, THANK YOU for setting the record straight.
  13. KD-did

    Gif FILES

    Uploaded it to????? What "option" in TC???? Did you convert it to an animated SWF?
  14. Use your member's account and do a new download. NEW since March 6,2015.....so if you haven't made any purchases since then you will not be in the data base.If you haven't got one all you have to do is signup for it using your email account you used at the time of purchase and a receipt. Use the question mark icon to send an email request. https://www.laughingbirdsoftware.com/members/login/
  15. It is a library of clipart type of images used in the assorted sets. Additional images folders can be added to suit your individual ne
  16. My Templates is a pre-named file where templates that you make and want are stored. The My Templates folder is found in the "Logo Library" files.Both "Logo Elements and Logo Library files ae found in the Laughingbird Documents folder.
  17. KD-did

    No Login Details

    And you can also go to Facebook to get some attention .https://www.facebook.com/groups/laughingbirdsoftware/
  18. KD-did

    No Login Details

    Normally that does work I sent an email to Lisa alerting her to this thread.
  19. KD-did

    No Login Details

    Go to the members login. use the email address you used to make the purchase. Then check the box that you forgot the assigned password and it will be sent to you. Look in your email's spam folder.Sometimes over zealous email sorters miss sort. https://www.laughingbirdsoftware.com/members/login/ Welcome to the forum
  20. KD-did

    Gif FILES

    Gifs must be converted to .png or jpg at this time.
  21. KD-did

    Unable to export picture

    For awhile it was a 2 step process if you got the V7 graphic bundle. You needed to download the engine before the other parts. Use an online or on board image editor. https://www.onlineconverter.com/gif
  22. KD-did

    Unable to export picture

    Well, you need the V6.8 for content. The V7 update only updated the program and had no content. It had no templates or elements..I would complete uninstall , get a fresh download of V6.8 then do update.The reason for doing things this way is TC doesn't overwrite itself and install the missing files. Back up your work....save the .tlc file else where. Then you can simply add it to the My Templates file.
  23. KD-did

    Unable to export picture

    Did you move or delete your V6.8 content after updating to the V7.2.9?
  24. KD-did


    Welcome to the forum.
  25. You can use shapes cut outs and adhere them to handmade CLAY ornaments. Put holes through the ornament to thread ribbons through.