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    Banner Ads

    I like to use a FREE program with excellent quality.....and can convert too...which you download to you Windows PC called https://bluefive.pairsite.com/pixresizer.htm Or use an online resizer. http://www.simpleimageresizer.com/
  2. KD-did

    Problem saving

    When you "save" it is saved as a template at the default location. Try EXPORTING your work to the desktop and then moving it New name thing maybe just because it was opened from a template file...hence the same name. Next time save as a template with a new name and export as usual.
  3. KD-did

    Animated Backgrounds

    My understanding is that it is an exclusive to WGC.
  4. KD-did


    Make sure you aren't looking at t he thumbnail view. Use an export to your desktop to be sure.Also some viewers make things jagged or pixelated if not seen at 100 %. You might try using an image editor that allows you to change the DPI.https://convert.town/image-dpi You can send it to me I would be happy to check it out for you. I am laughingbird dot lady at gmail dot com.
  5. KD-did


    Welcome to the forum. The beauty of Laughingbird's TC (The Creator) is every template can be customized to any theme. Merely "import" an image or images onto a canvas. Or start with an empty canvas.......In fact you can have a custom ELEMENT library.Check out the Pixabay for FREE images. https://pixabay.com/en/photos/?q=pharmaceutical&hp=&image_type=&order=&cat=&min_width=&min_height=
  6. KD-did

    Web Graphics Creator Purchase

    There's a lot of dust in the air at the moment.....I can tell you this it is in the works...
  7. KD-did

    Hello from the great Pacific NW

    From your neighbor in Oregon.
  8. KD-did

    Cannot export images

    Marc is preparing for TC8...he can be seen on Laughingbird's facebook pages.
  9. Jeagan Lee, glad that worked. Keep that trick in mind when you come across installing issues. I think you mean Laughingbird not Mockingbird.
  10. Have you tried turning off your anti-virus software for installation?
  11. KD-did

    Need Help Finding Something

    How is this for an updated look for the graphic? I do have this on my machine as a 300 DPI .png.
  12. KD-did

    Need Help Finding Something

    You don't load into the program...you load it into your computers systems font file.That would be in Windows or your Mac OS. Check the directions above Just unzip and install to your systems font folder. And that is the exact same place you should have installed the font I attached here.
  13. KD-did

    Need Help Finding Something

    having problems with my internet so it wouldn't upload....Here it is Times New Roman.zip
  14. KD-did

    Need Help Finding Something

    All sets have the exact same fonts. Fonts will changed in the Laughingbird products do to licensing matters.I don't recall times new roman font being a licensed font. I went into my systems font folder and located it there. Just unzip and install to your systems font folder.
  15. KD-did

    Need Help Finding Something

    here it is. glass house.zip
  16. KD-did

    Need Help Finding Something

    On my Mac it is an element folder called "Glass Pack" I recall it was as I recall apart of the basic elements. It would be apart of all sets. And it will not be seen in the template selection. If you tell me what image you need I could attach a .png of it here in this thread.
  17. KD-did

    Problem Getting Support

    The changes in the OS by Apple/Mac is what caused the software not to function. The software engine changed.The last I have known V5 to work was when Tiger was the OS.Which hasn't been in an operating system for over 10 years.
  18. KD-did

    Problem Getting Support

    Lance, V5 and older editions are totally incompatible with the current MAC OS'.
  19. KD-did

    Graphics Club Credits

  20. You are looking for content from TLC 4.....Long, long ago.The Corporate and Leisure were renamed in V5.If you are a Mac user the program will not work at all. The software engine are totally different....A total lost cause. And is not at all compatible with TC 7 on a PC. It would have to be run as a stand alone. Perhaps you could find just the Logo Elements without the template portion. They could be added to the Elements file . BTW Leisure was with Travel on V5 TLC.
  21. KD-did

    Setup DPI

    At this time you have to use a 3rd party editor to set a DPI on exported file.There are many FREE online editors. https://www.imageconverterplus.com/features/dpi/
  22. I think it was done to allow spacing. THat way thinngs could stay on the same plain but still be given a wide space.
  23. KD-did

    Mockup error

    I found that that is definitely a template issue. That shiny spot can't be highlighted from my experience so the drag and drop won't work. I have done a rework so that you can import your image into that template seen. The picture is a jpg. The zipped .png is a transparent .png. I would start with a clean canvas ans save it so it is found under "My Templates" STAGE.png.zip
  24. KD-did

    Mockup error

    It is usually a god idea to do a shut down and a reboot after an installation. Also have you tried any other template?