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    Product enhancement requests

    I like to do a project and export the image...then rework and export that image ...then I compare them. An image file can't be changed but once saved as a template you can always edit it. The beauty there is the image can then used as part of the permanent template.
  2. You can try the other option is to export the ad. With the auto size turned off size new canvas and then save. Open fresh canvas and place ad on top of it. TLC had the ability to push or pull canvas which would size everything but that is no longer the case.
  3. Because I live in a rural area with S-L-O-W internet I would make the option to use 3rd party software. Look for an FREE online application.Here is some information you may find useful.https://www.topsoftreviews.net/resize-youtube-videos/. From what I am seeing that looks to change the size from a pre-existing template size to another size all together....not just a resizing of an existing project.
  4. KD-did

    Existing Logo to Business Card Layout Question

    You can export the logo file as a transparent .png and place it on a new business card canvas.(1260X735) You could also just size a canvas to business card size and import and resize the exported file or the TC template file file . When finish just export for printing.
  5. KD-did

    Creator 7.2.9

    If you look under the "SUPPORT" button you will see the latest download location. See screenshot. https://www.laughingbirdsoftware.com/updates/
  6. KD-did

    Please enlighten me !

    Those are the name of the two files where the templates for the different edition and the logo elements are stored. They have to remain for the program to work.
  7. KD-did

    Please enlighten me !

    Here is a screen shot of the installing directions. You will see that the contents name is a different name totally than your current content. So it is a new edition not an added content situation.
  8. KD-did

    Please enlighten me !

    The new set is a 100 % new edition.... ...entirely new templates and elements. It is separate set...It is a different product.It is well worth the investment. There has never been templates added to an existing set in the entire time I have been a customer (since 2003+). There have been new editions. Updates ...they effect the software behavior . There are no templates added. are free and announced in emails.
  9. You could also try over at Laughingbird Softwares Facebook.https://www.facebook.com/groups/laughingbirdsoftware/
  10. Should have thought to ask....Are you up to date V7.2.9?
  11. Maybe it is a V8 issue. I have it on Window machines ...XP, 7,and 10 without any issue. Have it on my Mac also no issue. There were things that we use to have to help get a clean download. They were the turn off anti-viral and any download accelerators. Also suggested using something else to unzip download rather than Winzip .Something like a FREE program such as https://www.7-zip.org/download.html.
  12. Did you delete before re-installing? Do you turn off your anti-virus and any accelerators before downloading? They can damage files.
  13. Have you tried renaming the file and then closing??? If you are having the issue in one or more of the template library you might want to re-download that set.
  14. I have come across that when I have moved an element file. or changed its name.Let's try to find the image for you. Post the templates figure here. After placing the found element in a suitable file you should be able to delete the red sign and then locate the image and use it. Or rebuild from scratch and save as a template. As I have been around since June of 2003 I maybe able to help.
  15. KD-did


    Have you done a cold reboot after installing?
  16. KD-did

    Trouble in opening spftware

    The trial has expired. Your purchase doesn't overwrite the trial .My preferred way of dealing is to delete the trail by removing the Laughingbird Documents folder and re-download your purchase from your members account.
  17. I see what is wrong...your v3 set is seeing the EPS files and TC doesn't understand EPS files. You need the .png file to work in TC. Save the EPS files elsewhere you can use them in other graphic applications. Just re-download and make sure to install the .png file if necessary. I also would save the SVG separately.
  18. I looked for the file on my machine....I didn't see it where I expected to find it ..so I had to go looking for the black and white mascots....I found them on my machine the file is called "PNG_BW."
  19. KD-did

    The mannequin collection

    If you have points you need ti trigger the dialog to use your credits.They are not automatically place in your members account.Start by clicking where it says "credit store for Club members.
  20. There is a way to make language characters to show in TC, Use Google translate...write and translate to same language . Now just copy and paste into the text box click enter. The text will now appear with all the language characters will appear .https://translate.google.com/?hl=en&tab=TT&authuser=0.=
  21. KD-did

    Problems Downloading and Using software

    You are fighting the SLOW internet monster. Many things can affect the speed.I routinely turn off my anti-viral for downloads, I find it does speed up the process;
  22. KD-did

    Image Size Problem

    I formatted my canvas by unchecking the top box and never had the issue with resizing.It stays at the set size I entered,
  23. This is the first export..plain .png... The star has a slightly different color "stroke" and that is why it remails. Fonts can be used....and you can outline those.
  24. Start by making a photo mask Make it 2 colors. Any color not in your image......EXPORT as a .png. Use an image editor to remove the shape you want the image to be. Export as a TRANSPARENT .png. IMport to canvas. Place image behind and drag for perfect placement. Now once again use the image editor to remove the outside of the shape image. This is an image of Glenn Cuneo's Uncle Bob. https://www.glenncuneo.com/store/c1/Featured_Products.html This is a photo mask attached....it has colored sides on the outside on purpse
  25. As a work around I would Google grid lines and download one. Then upload into your project and send it to the back. Just remove (EDIT) the file before saving. NOTE: I wouldn't plan on using with the motion graphics. Not a transparent png.