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  1. KD-did

    How to size canvas to 480 x 270 pixels

    Lee, sorry the answer to this looks like it may be late...Not absolutely sure where you are holding the cursor over....Forgive me it is BC here (before coffee) .First off there is no reason to save a canvas size...Once sized just make your ad.When you close the program the canvas BTW "saving" saves the template so it can be edited and changed.The canvas resizes when your work canvas is closed.The template will save even the size. Check to see what file format you exported your ad in. Only TC can see or open a .tlc file. Attach the file here if the problem persists.If worse comes to worse you can always use a 3rd party....online/installed resizer.
  2. Dropbox for the template shown above. https://www.dropbox.com/s/7fsfp9cj9jik3bd/test cd.zip?dl=0
  3. Nice Lance!!! I've been playing too .... I made one that can have an image or text placed inside the cover.Looks like I'll have to put it in Dropbox.
  4. The templates just sort of teach you.how the software works. You can add your own image library to the set and it will show in the drop down menu. I have more that 50 additional image files in my TC. I use a resizer all the time as TC was made more for internet usage and I often need real world sizing. I use the software all the time and rarely open a template.
  5. In the desktop model the "3D eCover" edition there was a couple of CD type covers. I do not recall any in the "MockUP'. It amounts to images more than as a template by my view.
  6. KD-did


    I would use the Outlooks email forwarding and send the email to another email address if you have one.
  7. KD-did

    NEW: Two wonderful design options

    I love it and if you have an online presence you will love the additional features. Why not try it for free and cancel if it isn't your cup of tea?
  8. KD-did

    How Do I Make My Software Work

    Where are they installed? Are they pathed to C drive? Do you see a folder called Laughingbird Documents in your Documents folder? That is the location where they. should be installed....Different than from the "PROGRAM FILES" installation location where the previous was installed..Look tom see that there are two folders...one called Logo Elements and the other called Logo Library. If you are a PC user go to the "MEMBERS' portal sign-in to your account and get a fresh download......that will insure you have no possibility of trying to install a damaged file . Go to and sign in to your account...IF you don't have one request a membership. Provide a receipt for your purchases. It is a new database and the previous accounts before 3/6/15 don't exist in it. https://www.laughingbirdsoftware.com/members/login/ If you are a Mac user you should just download the latest version. You can add all the elements from your previous purchases to the Logo Elements depending on the version of your templates there could be issues. For updates check out. https://www.laughingbirdsoftware.com/updates/
  9. KD-did

    Hello Daniel here.

    Welcome to the forum. We are happy to help. Happy to answer questions.
  10. There was a change that Apple made... that cause the program not to function The solution is a setting change ....you just need to change the setting. System Preference>>>>>Second area check the second box down.
  11. KD-did

    Inporting Templates

    As long as they are both V7 and are compatible ( not V5 templates) you can move them . The simple way.... go to Laughingbird Document folder>>>>Logo Libraries... rename the My Templates folder' Now zip the folder. Merely unzip and move folder to the Logo Libraries folder. I left mine with the changed name and it shows in the drop down menu also.
  12. KD-did

    Download issue

    For trusted sites you may have a good chance of speeding up the download by turning off your anti-viral program.
  13. KD-did

    Staying on Element

    You could also try temporarily deleting an image while you move the other image. Look for the image as a single element that you can pull from the library to replace after a deletion.
  14. KD-did

    Staying on Element

    Try staying away from where image lines tend to merge together...try the opposite side away from where they meet.I can see where this one might cause some issues because of overlapping. Also you might want to check your mouse's sensivity settings. Read about it here: https://www.wikihow.com/Change-Mouse-Sensitivity
  15. KD-did

    clickable link

    You would make a clickable link on your Facebook page not on your template . Navigate to the MORE button and you will see where to start the process. For further instructions look to Facebook for inserting a clickable button.