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      The New Forum!   06/12/2017

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  1. I will often will enlarge and convert the jpg at where it is clear before bring it into TC. On a PC I love using a FREE program. http://bluefive.pairsite.com/pixresizer.htm
  2. If it is a customer supplied graphic I ask them to provtde the image source. You cab also try to locate it from a reverse Image search such as https://www.tineye.com/.

    Try enlarging the image and converting before bringing it into TC.


  3. WOW !!
  4. I still have a CD of TLC 2.5,
  5. Free transparent elements for members. To get a peek at what is in the zipped file take a look at: https://www.dropbox.com/s/hbf1o01fm9igh9i/Elements.jpg?dl=0 RWB redo.zip
  6. Now that I've updated to version 7.0, what should I do with version 6.8? First: DO NOT UNINSTALL VERSION 6.8! Many users doing so have inadvertently uninstalled all their installed templates! It's safe to MANUALLY DELETE the old 6.8 icon, but please do not uninstall version 6.8! SECOND: Only use the icon with the little 7 on it once you install the update to version- the old icons that started earlier versions of the program, and the YouTube Channel Graphics Creator are no longer needed once you install the update to version 7.0!
  7. Can you attach a zip file and if so how big? The file size limit. Or should they be shown as individual attachments and of course under one's own name?
  8. Good idea that would save looking for different required sizes.
  9. The first stumbling block I find is usually what size a canvas size should be. How about you?????
  10. triad video marketing

    I am looking forward to having subjects MORE available for locating post over Facebooks disappearing mode'''
  11. My name is Katie Hillman. I am a long time user of Laughingbird Software. I used the software before there was a forum and I have been a member forum since 6/26/2003. I am looking forward to learning this new forums software to help others put and to be able to pass hints. tips and work arounds to other members..

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