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  1. KD-did

    hi all

    Welcome to the forum.
  2. KD-did

    Image size

    Usually the elements do not magically appearing on V8 is that somewhere in the Logo Elements file there are a file or files that aren't jpg or png. Usually locating the file or files that aren't jpg or png solves the issue.You can drag the element you need onto the canvas. The reason I mentioned just importing directly is a time saver while you check your files.
  3. KD-did

    Image size

    You can use the import function. Import from the Logo Elements folder. Are you on a PC or a Mac?
  4. KD-did

    Image size

    Non of Laughingbird products are an image editor or a publisher. You can set the DPI with the printers settings.Totally independent of your working canvas. Just like you would tell it to print in color or black and white. To print portrait or landscape.That way you don't get any distortions..
  5. KD-did

    Image size

    Canvas size has little or nothing to do with how big it will be coming out of your printer. To control that use you printer settings. Think of it as what relationship does that screen have to do with that piece of paper in the printer.
  6. KD-did

    Why I still use TC7

    Thing we don't know is how V7 and V8 are tied together.
  7. KD-did

    Why I still use TC7

    Retiring...you are planning in keeping it on board aren't you?Remember V8 doesn't do system fonts, All it does is straight line text.
  8. KD-did

    Why I still use TC7

    Try to copy said file and paste into he file Purchased Designs, Then delete it out of the "Purchased Elements" folder.
  9. KD-did

    Why I still use TC7

    Good catch, Glenn RTA check it out
  10. KD-did

    Why I still use TC7

    Have you tried moving 1 element file from the Logo Elements folder over to the Purchased elements folder? For me I just import the element I want from V7 to the V8 canvas. Marc announced new installers that are suppose to correct the situation.
  11. KD-did

    Elements, where did they go??

    Are the new sets showing in the :Purchased Elements" folder ? They are a drag in drop situation. Did you try placing them in the plain "Elements" folder?????
  12. KD-did

    Why I still use TC7

    I LOVE TC 7.2.9. Being able to see what the font looks like is far superior to a NON-alphabetized list..
  13. Go into DOCUMENTS>>>>Laughingbird Documents folder DO NOT launch the pr ogram and look into Logo Library. Your templates maybe there to be seen.
  14. I have been around since 2003. I am surprised that you didn't backup your templates file and elements file. You could have signed in the Members Portal and re download V7. https://www.laughingbirdsoftware.com/free-logo-creator-software/
  15. Yes, you have to have more tools......a good FREE online image editor is https://www3.lunapic.com/editor/