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      The New Forum!   06/12/2017

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  1. How to put an image into any shape

    Could you do a video step by step using Gimp for us artistically challenged? I am a visual learner it seems in my old age...or if you could direct me to one that is already out there?
  2. Background into silhouette image

    I got as far as the colorize the image and I got lost using Gimp...I'm not sure how to make the mask from here? I can't find how to format the canvas in Gimp...I feel really stupid right now...AARRGGHH!!
  3. I have used LC for a while with the normal modifications that it is known for...I now have a need to fill in a silhouetted motorcycle image with a background I have. What do I need to make the silhouette image to take a background layer? I have used Gimp a lot but I don't know how to make this happen. Any ideas? Or is there a way in LC to do the same?

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