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  1. I have now tried TC7 WGC and TC8. In one important feature, TC7 wins. The drag and drop feature of the document / Logo Element map in the screentop on TC7. It is almost indispensable and makes the use of the elements quick and easy That's why I still use TC7 I have changed my mind. TC8 is a great software. I had to find out for a little while. The TC8 is much smoother than the TC7. Customizing text has become much easier and the elements adapt to the size of the design I really didn't think there was anything that could compete with TC7 but TC8 is a really good improvement
  2. RTA

    Why I still use TC7

    Jaee - There I hope Marc Sylvester can do some magic tricks
  3. RTA

    Why I still use TC7

    Now it works fine. The TC8 is actually really good Now I think TC7 is retiring
  4. RTA

    Why I still use TC7

    Thanks for hint I have not placed the template folder myself. Installation Software has put it there I don't know how to get on. I can't really figure it out
  5. RTA

    Why I still use TC7

    Yep As you can see in image2 I have moved "People Pak 3" Elements to Purchased Elements and in image1 you can see there is nothing in TC8 Element-list
  6. RTA

    Why I still use TC7

    I can't get element to work in TC8