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    facebook cover templates

    Nothing! I tried to save and the window disappears and goes back tot he LB page with the image, but no file was saved
  2. wwalker

    facebook cover templates

    No, but just did and same thing happens. And thanks for your time and effort. I have used this and never had this happen.
  3. wwalker

    facebook cover templates

    Here's your answer.... the same as the rest. When saving in the file type should it state it being saved as a jpg.?
  4. wwalker

    facebook cover templates

    Nice try, but thats what i did and did it again. here are the results.... again. I created a new folder called "FB images" See images FYI: I NEVER opened or touched a template folder
  5. wwalker

    facebook cover templates

    Here's what I do with the template I made. When I am done I go to file "save to my templates" name it and save it. I hit "export to jpg" go to the file location I want to save it to, name it and this is where the problems start. Attached is a screen shot of the file I actually exported to jpg. What it looks like is that it is saving the "export to jpg" as a template. The screen shots are set up A, B, C so you can follow my process and see what I end up with. This is a file that I "exported to jpg"
  6. wwalker

    facebook cover templates

    OK, I did exactly as you said. I did a screen capture 1,2,3. When I tried exporting JPG to Desktop I get the error you see on LB3.
  7. I have wasted 2 hours putting together a cover using the templates from the social media!!! issue one is every time I save and them try to export jpg it says to save it somewhere else that it can't save it where I want to put it, even when I create a new folder!!! Issue two I finally save it in some off the wall location on my HD and then export the template it's too small to use on my facebook page what gives!!!