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    1. gcuneo2


      If you have downloaded in the past, on your laptop / and new computer, there really isn't any reason for you to redownload.   Just look in your download directory and use those installation files.  Reinstall stuff as I described in the other post post and you will be good. 

      When you uninstall the software, you do not uninstall the downloaded installation files.

      The default location for downloads for most folks is:  C:\Users\YOU NAME \Downloads

      Reinstall the engine first (that's what's in the link-- it does not contain any templates), the free template set, then the youtube product.  Just delete the Youtube icon / shortcut on your desktop after you install the youtube product- you don't need it. 

      Here is the link to the "engine"- download and install this first, if needed.



    2. Bumscomedy


      gcuneo2, Thank you, so much it worked!  I just deleted everything and reinstalled everything in the order you said, worked perfect.  I felt like pulling what little hair I have left out, I was just so frustrated.  Question? is this it! will I have to do anything else to keep and use the software from now on?

      Only thing now is Lisa reset my password in order for me to get into my account. Now the issue left is when I log into my account and click on (members info) >, (my profile) >, change password all I get is a 404 page saying! 

      (Ooooops! Can't find page!) So I am unable to reset my password. "I have attached a copy",  So I am opening another ticket she said to contact her.  I truly am so appreciative to you for your help thank you, I believe this is the best graphic software out there, but the process for installation is confusing.

      Terry Pollard 12/9/2018 3:10 PM 

      Screenshot (5).png

    3. gcuneo2


      Log out. You probably need to clear your browser cache, Log back in. 

  2. Ok everybody I have a question? I purchased the (YouTube Graphics Creator) and was directed to install (The Log Creator 7) first during the installation. Every thing installed very clean and full worked, now my issue is (READ VERY CARFULLY) is, that I downloaded the software to my PC, now I just bought a new laptop. I logged into my account, and redownloaded the software that I purchased which is (YouTube Graphics Creator) also the download and install went well and installed clean. My Issue is that on said date 12/6/2018 I opened the (YouTube Graphics Creator) that is installed on my new laptop, and a message indicated that I had not downloaded the free template and would not allow me access or to use my paid for purchase. Now I am thinking to myself that while I did purchase the (YouTube Graphics Creator) but not the (The Log Creator 7) itself, that the (The Log Creator 7) may have been offered only as a trial period and if so why did it never say so, keep in mind that this is my thinking only. After I was denied access back into my account at laughingbirdsoftware thus after going to the page and it saying that my email and password wore incorrect. I somehow suddenly gained access with my original password, now I simply reinstalled (The Log Creator 7) and (YouTube Graphics Creator) from my account in order as instructed. Both installed clean over old and fully worked, and work now on 12/7/2018. My concern now is will the software quit again in two or three weeks telling me to purchase more software and deny me access to my (YouTube Graphics Creator)? Please keep in mind I am somewhat knowledgeable with computers, this form is another ball game so if anyone could just clarify for me my concern I would be so appreciative, Marc sorry for all the tickets, and the few emails but please understand my account was inaccessible, yes I did reset the password after I finally received a support email stating that someone had tried three times to unsuccessfully inter my account! That was me because even when I had interred the correct info it never let me in. I was successfully able to reset my password and everything is good and working now 12/7/2018, just need to know that the download of the (The Log Creator 7) during the install of my (YouTube Graphics Creator) is free 100% or is it a trial and now I need to purchase more software to use the (YouTube Graphics Creator) I purchase. Any help is so appreciated. Terry Pollard 12/7/2018 5:36 PM CST Fort Worth TX.
  3. Sorry for late, late reply everything worked out thank you. Terry Pollard 12/6/2018 8:56 PM
  4. Would anyone know how to import my templates, I have purchased a new Laptop and wanted to import all my saved templates to the new laptop. After installing the "YouTube creator software" I have sent three emails to Marc, but no response so not sure what or why! I am not even positive that what I am inquiring about could be done. Any information is so greatly appreciated. 11/13/2018 6:33PM
  5. Thank You all for the replies, and sorry for such late response, what I did was save the work I created and then opened it up in a new template and resized it and added other elements. Worked great and got the effects I needed. I have made three attempts to contact Marc, and have gotten nothing in the forum of a response not sure but needed some information. In the end had to figure it out on my own, any way again thank you both for your responses. 11/13/2018 6:15 PM CST.
  6. I need some help, anyone know how to select my entire YouTube logo in the Creator and resize everything at once? And how to move it all together after I select all?