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    Existing Logo to Business Card Layout Question

    I'm still looking for the answer for this in the FAQ but I am on a Deadline. The client had me design a Logo for the Website I'm building and just casually asked me if I could apply that logo to a business card layout. I need to know How I could take the logo I designed for him in Laughingbird software and apply it to a Laughingbird software business card layout without having to start all over from square one?? Thank you in advance for helping me with this.
  2. RealWisconsin WebsiteDesign

    NEW Web Graphics Creator- It's LIVE!

    Why when I click on the link in this post does a "Leaving Facebook" page come up????
  3. RealWisconsin WebsiteDesign

    NEW Web Graphics Creator- It's LIVE!

    I agree! Subscription Services have burned me BAD! 1&1.com lost my entire 13,000 8 section Marketing Newsletter Database and of course I didn't need it until I had a hard drive crash and they apologized and gave me a $150.00 Credit for 3 years worth of research and work! Nope... I'm OFF having anything on the Cloud or Subscriptions... Sorry Kids..
  4. RealWisconsin WebsiteDesign

    NEW Web Graphics Creator- It's LIVE!

    I build websites using Mobirise. I'm not sure if you're familiar with it but they have come out with a series of templates and extensions that support Google's AMP requirements. I'm wondering if inserting anything made with your product will break those AMP requirements?
  5. RealWisconsin WebsiteDesign

    How to create a Logo with a Transparent Background

    Thank's for the feedback, I'll give it a shot.....
  6. RealWisconsin WebsiteDesign

    How to create a Logo with a Transparent Background

    RE: How to create a Logo with a Transparent Background Hello all. Sorry but I have a newbie question. I was just starting to try out The Creator ;7 Product and wanted to make a Logo with a transparent background. There doesn't seem to be a way to do that???
  7. RealWisconsin WebsiteDesign

    About James M Murphy

    For 18 years my wife and I owned and operated an internationally recognized award winning animation and graphics (Digital Media) dealership and authorized Autodesk training center. Specialties: In the electronics & media industry since 1967 & computing since 1984. I have always been involved in and have a continued history of bringing emerging technologies to successful implementation which continues today. I Graduated U.S. Army Signal School 1967 and was attached to ASA 1968. In 1988 I opened a successful AutoCAD® Dealership (Wisconsin’s First!), 1991 formed Virtual Partners training facility, followed by Partners Studio. To date, I’ve assisted over 1600 companies with technological innovations to successful conclusions and I'm also available as a Cyber Security Advisor on an independent contractor basis. Our Mission: Equipping the Saints Note: As an ASA Vet I've continued in my capacity as a Security Researcher while reaching out to other Vets and Vet Owned Businesses. https://realwis.com/ was created to help organizations get better results from their online & social media presence while proceeds to towards our ministry C.U.T. Wisconsin https://cutwi.com/ John 3:16 Sue and I urge you to support our faith-based initiative located at https://cutwi.com/ Jesus will judge our works by rewarding those endeavors that have eternal value and dismissing those that are worthless (1 Corinthians 3: 13-15)