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  1. Thanks KD, Your trick worked for me. I now have Mockingbird Graphic Designer.
  2. Hi, I am newbie here. I have downloaded the "Free Graphic Design Software" and tried to install it. However, my .exe file doesn't respond. When I click it for installation, it seems to work for a couple of seconds. That's it. It stops. I tried to install in my notebook. The results are the same. So, I tried it on my friend's home office computer. It worked beautifully. So I saved the downloaded file in USB and tried to install in my home computer. The result is the same as the file downloaded at home. Can anyone please help me with this? All the systems I am referring to are Windows and version is 7.0 The file involved is "the Creator_7_Setup." After I exit all the software for system off, the file manager has the above contents.