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  1. Bethel

    Need Help Finding Something

    Thanks for that. Unfortunately I couldn't figure out how to load that into the program so I paid for the download. Kinda sucks since the 37dollars I spent didn't include the Time New Roman font or the Glass shapes. pretty disappointing
  2. Bethel

    Need Help Finding Something

    Thank you KD-did. That's exactly what I was looking for. One last question; I do not have the "Times New Roman" font. Has that been removed or is it also in a purchased pak of elements?
  3. Bethel

    Need Help Finding Something

    The house shape on this business card is what i'm looking for Business Card - David Letkeman(2).pdf
  4. I am looking for a certain graphic to recreate my logo. About 9 years ago I used Laughing Bird software to create my business logo and now I want to tweek it a bit. I no linger have the original software and I don't know which Pak of graphics/templates to purchase that would include the graphic I'm looking for. It was a set of geometric figures that were like transparent glass. They included shapes like a square, star, house, etc. If anyone can tell me which one I need, I'd be glad to purchase it.