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    Let me introduce my self my name is Jay Pasquarille and I promote all kinds of company's on you tube You tube , of course, is the biggest marketplace to scale up or scale down whichever you prefer. I intend to scale all, there is a new thing, now that you can use #in the description to also scale up on you to I attended do that all the time. The secrets is always do your research and also research keywords at the same time detracted I do I will Who scaling up on YouTube and then I used your keywords to scale up myself but for an example when you look for something always look for companies that are scaling out within the network and use the keyword that their use. It does not mean that your copy their business model you are following their example of how to scale up within you tube . Plus, you can search for keywords by using a keyword planer , there is plenty of them on Google. I hope this helps. If you have any questions about this topic let me know and thank you for reading my topic on YouTube marketing.