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    Tetris Like

    Tetris like blocks. This is an older set from 2015, but still pretty good. Download and enjoy! TetrisLike.zip
  2. Lance Tindall

    Alien Module

    8 images of an Alien Module. Royalty free transparent PNGs. Download and enjoy! Alien Module.zip
  3. Lance Tindall

    Satellite Dish

    5 free images of a Satellite Dish. Download and enjoy! SatDish.zip
  4. Lance Tindall

    VRV Sunglasses

    5 free VRV Sunglasses! Royalty free transparent PNGs. download and enjoy! Get more Sunglasses at SadDuck VRVGlasses.zip
  5. Lance Tindall


    15 graphics of a toon style snail. Royalty free for personal or commercial use. Download and enjoy! Blink.zip
  6. Lance Tindall

    Upgrade not seem to work for me?

    Hi there! First off, don't panic! With Laughingbird you not lose anything. Anything you have paid for, you can get again if you need it. No problem. That said, let me say I'm sorry you are having problems, and sorry that it took so long to answer you here. I'm usually faster but I've suffered an eye injury and I'm not quite as on top of things as I normally am. Okay, on to your issue. There are a couple of things that can cause this problem. First off is the file structure. How things are stored on your computer. The Creator 7 creates a couple of directories when you first install it. these MUST be in very specific locations or the program will not work. You should have a /Laughingbird Documents folder in your /Documents folder. Inside that /Laughingbird documents folder, there should be 2 folders. /Logo Elements and /Logo Libraries If these folders are not there, then the program is not installed correct. First, you should look for these folders and make sure they are there. There should not be any other files in your /Laughingbird Documents folder. This folder MUST BE in your /Documents folder. So, if the folders are not there, you'll need to reinstall the program. If the folders ARE there, then we have another issue. Your 'templates' or packs that you purchased or got free from Laughingbird should be in your /Logo Libraries folder. The 'elements' for those packs will be in your /Logo Elements folder. If a pack is missing, or the packs 'folder' is empty, then you will need to reinstall that pack. If you do not have a lot of saved templates you care about, the EASY fix is to simply rename your /Laughingbird Documents folder to something else, then reinstall the program and your add on packs. Keep in mind, you must install at least 1 graphics pack. If you do not have one, when you first run the program after installing it, there is an offer to download a FREE pack of graphics. Do so, and then install it. Also keep in mind, you must CLOSE TC7 before installing any graphics pack. If you go to the Laughingbird wedsite at http://laughingbird.com there is a link at the top for the Members Dashboard. This is where you can find and download all your previous purchases. You must log in with the email address you first signed up or purchased with, and your password. If you do not remember these, or you have a new email, then you will have to contact Marc or Lisa to get set up. Emailing them almost never works. They simply get to much email to sift through. Fill out a support ticket. If you don't hear anything back in 1 day, go to the Facebook page and create a post. DO NOT post under anyone else's post. Create your own new post. Again, if you don't hear anything in 1 day, post again. And again, and again. Marc WILL find you! I know this is a hassle, but you WILL NOT have to purchase anything. Marc will fix you up! Here is the link for the support ticket: https://laughingbirdsoftware.ticksy.com If nothing gets solved, or if it does, please post back here and let me know what's happening. I can usually get a hold of Marc or Lisa within a day or two.
  7. Lance Tindall

    Blank BOI

    Ten poses of a basic marketing character. Free for personal and commercial use. Download and enjoy. Faces and accessories can be added using Laughingbird Software's Character Creator pack. More characters and poses can be found in the Sad Duck store. BlankBOI.zip
  8. Lance Tindall

    DVD Case Template

    This download contains 3 template folders and a licenses file. These templates and graphics are released royalty free for personal and commercial use. Feel free to download and use. The templates are compatible with The Creator 7 (v7.2.9) by Laughingbird Software. Unzip the file. Drag or copy the template folders to /Documents/Laughingbird documents/Logo Libraries/My Templates DVDcase.zip
  9. Lance Tindall

    Brick In The Wall

    14 images of a brick wall. Royalty free for personal or commercial use. Download and enjoy. BrickInTheWall.zip
  10. Lance Tindall

    Web Graphics Creator Purchase

    One thing to keep in mind. While the WGC templates look the same as the TC7 templates, they are NOT compatible. You cannot download and use a WGC template in TC7. At least not at this time. Anything new that comes out will be added to WGC at no extra cost. But if you want the new items for TC7, then you'll need those credits!
  11. Lance Tindall

    Desktop Wallpaper

    A wide screen desktop wallpaper at 1920 x 1080. Free to download if you like. Wallpaper1.zip
  12. Lance Tindall

    Wooden Train

    2 images of a wooden toy train set. WoodTrain.zip
  13. Lance Tindall

    Wooden Eggs

    Get a dozen wooden eggs. WoodenEggs.zip
  14. Lance Tindall

    Have 8 folders in my Logo Libraries

    Marc no longer uses install files so that should not be an issue with future releases. You may just have some of the older template downloads with those installers. Everything new that comes out will not have an installer. You simply copy the elements folders to the element folder and the template folders to the logo libraries folder. Works much better. You are correct about the My Template folder. As soon as you have at least 1 template in there, that folder will show up. Good catch on the people pak folder being one to deep. I'm not sure what character creator template you have, unless it was a bonus something or other that Marc released. There should be none. But hey, if it shows up, use it.
  15. Lance Tindall

    Have 8 folders in my Logo Libraries

    Everything is probably working the way it should. Looking at your folders, without knowing exactly what is in them, makes it hard to determine what will show up. First, there are no Character Creator Templates. So that folder will never show up in the left hand menu. The only Character Creator items are the elements that show up in your top menu. Next, I'm guessing here, the Preview Templates, are probably not templates. But, what other directory is not showing up? And have you actually looked into that directory to see if there are any 'templates' there? The reason I ask is that if a folder is empty, or does not contain a template, then it will not show up. Also, even if it is a template folder, if there are obscure files ( other than the templates ) then the folder may corrupt and not show up.
  16. Lance Tindall

    Quick Posting Test

    Well, I had trouble posting after the site was moved behind the firewall. I think it's working no. If y'all can read this, I guess it si!
  17. Lance Tindall

    Quick Posting Test

    Still testing things ...
  18. Lance Tindall

    7.2.9 Mac version not working

    If this ever happens again, then simply disconnect from the internet. TC7 is not dependent. All it does is access the internet to download the 'Latest News'. Disconnect, open TC7 again and everything should work.
  19. By the way, you can upgrade to v7.2.9 for free. However, any v5 templates you have ARE NOT compatible with v7.x so you would have to recreate any graphics you need in the new version.
  20. The latest v7.2.9 has a max size of 2880 x 2880. The Web Graphics Creator ( on line version ) has a max size of 6000 x 6000. However, there is an upcoming release of The Creator v8 that will have at least 5000 x 5000 I think., No release date yet, though Marc says 'soon'.
  21. Lance Tindall

    Apologies for the troubles everyone :D

    It's all working great now Marc! Well done!
  22. Lance Tindall


    I use a 3D render program called DAZ3D. Basically I take a 3D asset, configure and pose it, then create a 2D render of that pose. Depending on your computers power and graphics, each render can take from 1 minute to almost 2 hours! I generally create 100 graphics per pack that I release, but some have quite a bit more, and a few have less. I have graphics packs with 60 images, and I have packs with several hundred. It just depends on what type of graphic I'm working with, the render times involved, how hard it is to configure and pose. A lot of time and work goes into each project. That said, I can usually create a 100 graphic set in a weeks time. But it may take a couple of weeks to decide on the project and get all the 3D assets together. Most character packs can cost anywhere from a few dollars to over a hundred. I sell these packs for about eight dollars each. So as you can see, I have to sell multiple packs to break even much less make a profit.
  23. Lance Tindall


    Welcome to the SadDuck Club! Don't be shy. Ask questions and hopefully get answers.
  24. Lance Tindall


    I think it's being addressed now. WGC will export at 5000 x 5000 and the new ( if it's ever released ) TC8 is suppose to be the same. We'll see ...
  25. Lance Tindall


    Great character for marketing scenes. 10 poses, with a couple of signs! Enjoy! Tammy.zipTammy.zip