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    Apologies for the troubles everyone :D

    Everyone gets that watermark. Once the other files for v8 are installed, such as the motion graphics, then the watermark is gone off everything.
  2. Lance Tindall

    The new Graphics Creator 8 is here!

    From what I can see, nice job Laughingbird!
  3. Lance Tindall

    Apologies for the troubles everyone :D

    Fastest way to get help with this is to fill out a support ticket. That is a watermark and once you get the files installed that came with your purchase, it should clear up. Marc will be able to get you moving. Fill out a ticket here. If you do not have a username/password to log into the ticket system with, simply register again and it'll work. https://laughingbirdsoftware.ticksy.com
  4. Lance Tindall

    facebook cover templates

    Not from me, sorry. Waiting for Marc to jump in. Have you opened a support topic? Might want to. He's been kind of scarce since he's so close to releasing version 8. Which, by the way, will probably solve your problem.
  5. Lance Tindall

    Templates Broken after opening program

    Well, I see your problem, and you're probably not going to like the solution, but it is a simple one. You, or your computer, has moved your entire /Documents folder to your OneDrive. It has to be on Drive C for The Creator to work. Move it back, and all will be well.. Or at least it should be. The Creator is VERY picky about where it's files are located. Let us know how it goes!
  6. Lance Tindall

    facebook cover templates

    Just curious. Are you running as an admin? Not just logged in as admin, but running the app as an admin. Right-Click the startup icon, select run as admin. then try saving and see what happens. May be nothing. Just curious.
  7. Lance Tindall

    facebook cover templates

    Well bugger! That should work. Okay, gonna have to see if Marc has any ideas on this. As far as the 'file type' it will always say 'All Files'. That's normal. Got 1 more idea. Have you tried to export that file as a png? Just curious if it makes a difference. Can always convert using another utility if needed. But if it will let you save as a png you may have found, dare I say, a 'bug'! Let me know. In the meantime, I'm sending this link to Marc to make sure he sees it in case he can clue us in.
  8. Lance Tindall

    facebook cover templates

    Well, unless there is a template folder hidden in there under /RMHynosis, that should should have worked. Hm ??? Hate to put you through all this, but have you actually tried to simply export the image to your desktop? I don't mean into any folder, just simply to your desktop? That usually works for everyone when they have this error. Can't wait for version 8 to hit the streets and solve all this. Let me know what happens when you try to export to the desktop. Thanks
  9. Lance Tindall

    facebook cover templates

    And I can see your problem. And it's really not a problem. You just need to change what you are trying to do. Here's the issue. You are 'saving' the template to a folder. /Desktop/FB Banner Your template name is banner RMH Then you are trying to 'export' a jpg file to that template folder. That will never work. There is already a jpg image in that folder with the same name as what you are trying to save, and it has to be there for the template to work. You should NEVER save, or even look in, any template folder. Leave them alone or you could break the template and lose it all. Create a new folder on your desktop. Call it /My Images When you select to 'export' your jpg image, select the folder /My Images and save your image there Then when you look for that image, it should be there and at the size that your canvas was. 1200 x 630 Now, that said. I said to create a folder called /My Images. Actually I have one called /My Clients Under that I have folders for each of my current and past clients and that is where I export my images to. It helps to keep them all organised. However you choose to do it, it should work. Just DO NOT try and save or export to that template folder. It just won't work.
  10. Lance Tindall

    facebook cover templates

    Hi Wwalker, Well, first off, I can tell just by the size of the image you posted that that is the thumb image from the template. That is not the exported image of your creation. Unless you actually made it that small. First off, many users seem to have problems 'saving' in a particular folder, so you're not alone. But it is usually something to do with your specific computer. The Creator 7 is VERY picky about where it's files are, and where you can save to. But that is about ( I hope ) to get a lot easier with the soon to be released version 8. Okay, let me see if I can explain this. Templates are saved in /Documents/Laughingbird Documents/Logo Libraries on your hard drive. Usually Drive C because, again, TC7 wants them there. You should NEVER look into any folder in that directory! Nothing good can come of it. That said, if you ever 'save' a template to any other folder, then you will never be able to export or save to that folder again. TC7 will tag it as a 'template' folder and it will not be happy with you trying to save to a template folder. Any template folder. If you try, then you will get the error you are talking about. Now, there is a difference between 'saving' and 'exporting'. For some reason many users seem to confuse those too. You 'Save' a template. But again, do not ever look into a template folder. Stay out! You 'Export' the image you want to use, either as a PNG, JPG or Transparent PNG. When you go to 'Export' you will be given a chance to select where you want to save that exported image. You cannot save it to any folder that has, or has ever had, a template folder in it. You cannot save to any folder nested more than about 5 folders deep. Usually if users have an issue, they are still able to export the image to the desktop, then move it from there. Your exported image 'should' be the exact size of your canvas when you are working on your project. A template 'thumb' is 300 x something. It varies. If that is what you are seeing, and your canvas was bigger, then you are not looking at the exported image. You are looking at the thumb of a 'saved' template. So, with all this in mind, if you could without losing your mind, try it again. Open TC7 and load your template. Check your canvas size. Make sure to select 'Export' from the menu as shown in the image I attached below. Select to export to your desktop and see if that works for you. Then when you check the image, it should be the same size that your canvas was. If it doesn't work. Try taking some screenshots or a video and post it here so I can see exactly what you are doing. But I'm hoping this works. Let us know!
  11. Lance Tindall

    Alert Box

    What 'Alert Box' are you talking about? Can you post a screen shot?
  12. Lance Tindall

    YouTube Banner Graphics

    Hi Dave, Well, best laid plans of mice and men ... been a heck of a day. Okay, short answer. As you can see by the image I attached, The Creator sets the size for YouTube banners at 2560 x 1440 Yet, according to https://learn.g2.com/youtube-banner-size the banner size should be 2560 x 1140. So, the size required has changed since the last TC7 update! Therefore, your image is distorted and fuzzy looking. Great thing about The Creator 7, simply adjust the size of your canvas and create your graphics according to the new specifications as shown on that web site, and you should be able to create a clear banner. If not, Google for, or check YouTube for the correct size. Even this website I posted may be outdated! They do change sizes that often! Hope that helps you out and sorry again for taking so long to get back to you.
  13. Lance Tindall

    YouTube Banner Graphics

    Hi Dave, I have an appointment and have to leave right now. I will get back to you on this later today. Quick answer - Google, Facebook and the rest are always changing the size of the required images. Facebook is the worse. I can help you find the right size, but later today. Back soon.
  14. Lance Tindall

    YouTube Banner Graphics

    No! Do not move or delete the templates or elements. The Creator 7 uses very specific directories for the templates and elements. The graphics MUST be in those directories in the /Laughingbird Documents folder or you will not be able to access them. The 'working directory' is /Documents/Laughingbird Documents/Logo Libraries/My Templates That is the ONLY directory you can really do anything with, that the program creates. Any template you modify or create is saved to that folder. You should not save ANY other file or files to that directory. If you ever get so many templates saved there that it becomes a problem, you can rename that folder with the program closed. The next time you open the program it will create a new /My Templates folder. That said ... What I do is create 'Client' folders to work with. Simply create your folders in the /Documents/Laughingbird Documents/Logo Libraries folder ie. /Documents/Laughingbird Documents/Logo Libraries/Client 1 /Documents/Laughingbird Documents/Logo Libraries/Client 2, and so forth ... You can name these Client folders with whatever names you choose. They will not show up in the menu while they are empty. Once you have at least 1 template saved in them, then they will show up. Now, the way the program works.. . Once you select to open a template, it will be automatically SAVED in the /My Templates folder You must select 'Save As' to save the template to your Client folder Every time you open that Client template it will want to save into the /My Templates folder automatically. After any modification that you wish to keep, you should select 'Save As' and save the template to your Client folder. If you want to keep variations, then simply use an incremental name. ie. Select Save As and save the template as Version 1 in the folder Client 1 While working on Version 1, if you want to save a particular look, select Save As and save Version 2 to Client 1, and so forth. When you finish and try to exit the program or start another template, the program will ask if you want to save the template you are working on. You don't have to. You have already saved it to your Client folder. If you save it here, then it will save to the /My Templates folder. Doing this lets you keep your work organised by Clients or Projects, or however you choose. Just remember, the folder will not show in that side menu until at least 1 template is saved to it. To DELETE versions you no longer want to keep, simply delete the folders from those Client or Project folders. You can use ALT+ select to delete from the /My Templates folder, but not from any other template folder. You have to delete them manually. Let me know if you need more information.
  15. Lance Tindall

    Sad Duck is moving!

    Just want everyone to know that I am in the process of selling my ranch in Missouri and moving down to Mississippi. This is a result of losing the sight in my right eye. Lifestyle changes and all that. I haven't posted any updates here for a while, and it may still be a couple of months, but I do not plan on abandoning this club. There will be new graphics coming so hang in there. Actually, losing my job and all should give me a lot more time to do graphics work! Trying to stay positive. Just have to get moved. House is selling now. Hope to buy or build the new one before the end of the year. More later ...
  16. Lance Tindall

    YouTube Banner Graphics

    Cool. Probably an old file that was showing. Glad it's all working for you. Enjoy.
  17. Lance Tindall

    YouTube Banner Graphics

    Glad that worked! You should be able to create work folders to export your images to. Just stay out of the template folders! Have fun!
  18. Lance Tindall

    YouTube Banner Graphics

    Hi Dave, okay, looking at those attached images one thing jumps right out. 2nd image down. See that file that ends with .tlc ? You should NEVER be looking in a directory with that file! Do not save to it, export to it, or even look at it. That is a folder used by the software. Messing with it, messes with the program. Get out! Sorry for getting excited. That will cure your issue though. Now, something else. The name of one of those PNG images starts with TLC6. Are you using version 6? Have you not upgraded to v7.2.9? It's free. Just wondering. Waiting to hear how your export to the desktop goes...
  19. Lance Tindall

    YouTube Banner Graphics

    Hi Dave, Just want to check on this. I tend to agree with KD-did on your image that you are looking at being a 'thumb'. If you look in any of the Laughingbird template sets, there is a thumb of the template. They are all 300 by something. Make sure you are EXPORTING your image using one of the options circled in my attached image. As KD-did suggested, try exporting it to your desktop. Just as a test. You can change that location if it works. I'm thinking 1 of 2 things here. Either you are SAVING and not EXPORTING, or you are trying to EXPORT to a template folder ( or a folder that has a template in it ) and your file is either not overwriting one already there, or is being resized somehow. I'm really interested in seeing what happens when you try to EXPORT to your desktop. Should tell us a lot.
  20. Lance Tindall

    not recognizing templates

    As KD-did says, the Laughingbird Documents folder, the Logo Elements and Logo Libraries folders all need to be in a specific location. There is no configuration setting that you can change or set. Now, I'll say this and you are on your own if you act on it. I have a lot of graphics! Therefore, when my C:\ drive began getting full, I moved my entire document folder to another drive. In Windows, not sure about MACs, you can change a windows configuration setting to point to your Documents folder. Once that setting is changed, Windows will know where to find your Documents folder and so The Creator will know where to find its folders. Only do this if you are sure about what you are doing, and please make a backup first!
  21. Lance Tindall

    Tetris Like

    Tetris like blocks. This is an older set from 2015, but still pretty good. Download and enjoy! TetrisLike.zip
  22. Lance Tindall

    Alien Module

    8 images of an Alien Module. Royalty free transparent PNGs. Download and enjoy! Alien Module.zip
  23. Lance Tindall

    Satellite Dish

    5 free images of a Satellite Dish. Download and enjoy! SatDish.zip
  24. Lance Tindall

    VRV Sunglasses

    5 free VRV Sunglasses! Royalty free transparent PNGs. download and enjoy! Get more Sunglasses at SadDuck VRVGlasses.zip
  25. Lance Tindall


    15 graphics of a toon style snail. Royalty free for personal or commercial use. Download and enjoy! Blink.zip