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  1. Lance Tindall


    I think it's being addressed now. WGC will export at 5000 x 5000 and the new ( if it's ever released ) TC8 is suppose to be the same. We'll see ...
  2. Lance Tindall


    Great character for marketing scenes. 10 poses, with a couple of signs! Enjoy! Tammy.zipTammy.zip
  3. Lance Tindall

    Who can upload free graphics?

    I can't seem to find any way to lock the forum, so, anyone who is a member can post. They should also be able to upload files. I guess I'll just have to monitor and make sure no one goes ape on me! MEMBERS: Please do not post in the FREE GRAPHICS topic. This is where I will giveaway my graphics. I can't seem to lock it, but I will DELETE unwanted stuff. MEMBERS may post graphics and files they want to share in the Members Giveaway topic!
  4. Lance Tindall

    Garden Gnome

    Garden Gnomes! Who doesn't think these little guys are cute? Download and enjoy! Gnome.zip
  5. Lance Tindall

    Bow Ties

    First of many, I hope, free graphics! I recently gave this away on a Facebook page and now I'm making it available here. Just a few simple Bow Ties that you can add to your characters. Download and enjoy! Bowtie.zip
  6. Lance Tindall


    Welcome to the SadDuck Club! Don't be shy. Ask questions and hopefully get answers.
  7. Lance Tindall

    How to size canvas to 480 x 270 pixels

    I think KD-did hit it on the nose! After creating your canvas at the size you want, 480 x 270, you 'Export' the image. That will create the image file you need. When you 'Save As', then that is saving the 'template' files. You should never have to go into a 'template' folder to do anything. Those are files used by The Creator program. After you 'Export' you image, check the size and it should be 480 x 270.
  8. Lance Tindall

    eCover Creator & Mockup Creator

    Cool, you'll like WGC! I do! Here is another quick template. Keep in mind that once you go to WGC you can import the DVD case images, but not with the placeholders. You'll have to re-create the placeholders in WGC. Reason being, even though we can create templates in WGC, they are stored on line and we can't share them! But, feel free to use my graphics and just import them into WGC. DVD Case Up.zip
  9. Lance Tindall

    eCover Creator & Mockup Creator

    Try this out. I can do more if you want. Just let me know. I can do the case, front and back, but not the round disk covers. This includes a front and side template for The Creator 7. Just unzip the file and move the folders into your /Laughingbird Documents/Logo Libraries/My Templates/ DVDcase.zip
  10. Lance Tindall


    Gremlins! Yikes! Glad you got it though! I'm still gonna hit Lisa up and see if she'll put it on line. I think there are several others on the Facebook Group that say they are getting blanks. We'll see. Thanks for letting us know though.
  11. Lance Tindall


    Right now, you cannot. Excellent idea though. I will pitch that to Lisa and see if she can't publish it on line. Stay tuned!
  12. Lance Tindall


    I read my email on line. I don't download. The content is always there. I'm sure Marc and Lisa have not changed anything on their end. It almost has to be something on their server, or yours, that is filtering out the content. Hopefully you or Marc will be able to figure this out as several otherr users are saying that they see the same thing. If you do find or get an answer, please post back here and let us know. I'm curious . . .
  13. Lance Tindall

    YouTube Graphics Creator and The Logo Creator 7

    I'll second what Glenn said. there actually is no 'trial'. But, if you install TC7 and do not install a template set within 20 days, then you get that message. But as Glenn said, there is a FREE template set that cures that problem. You may even get that 'trial' message after install a template pack if something in your system goes awry! Follow Glenn's instruction, all should be good. Post back and let us know! We're nosy that way!
  14. Lance Tindall

    Upgrade not seem to work for me?

    Follow KD-did's directions. This is not a Windows only App. It was developed on a MAC and works fine for MAC and Windows.
  15. Lance Tindall

    Upgrade not seem to work for me?

    Did you download that update from here? https://www.laughingbirdsoftware.com/free-design-software-download/ If not, that may be your problem. You are correct though, the update is FREE. If that is where you got the update, and it still does not work for you, you will have to send in a support ticket to Laughingbird. Be sure to include which OS you haver upgraded to. I know he developes The Creator on a MAC, so it should work on the latest version. You can submit a support ticket here: https://laughingbirdsoftware.ticksy.com If you do not hear back within a day, two at most, post on the Facebook page, or post back here and we'll try and chase him down for you!