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  1. Lance Tindall

    Please enlighten me !

    What Katie was talking about is the NEW eCover Authoring Templates. Yes, they are for TC7, v7.2.9. If you do not have the latest version, you should update and it is free. What she was trying to show is that there is already an eCover directory, but the NEW package is called eCover Authoring so that it will not overwrite what you already have if you install it. The problem with the original eCovers, you may have noticed, is that not all the corners line up. Takes a bit of fudging to get everything square. The new package is much better designed and looks fantastic. Plus you have the ability to adjust the 'drop zone' area, or create a whole new drop zone on any graphic you add. Let me know if you still need more information.
  2. Lance Tindall

    Please enlighten me !

    What Katie said. The 'software', The Creator 7, is a FREE update and as far as I know, always will be. Templates and element sets are sold as individual sets and are added to the 'software' after installation. Although, keep your eyes open, Marc has been known to give away free graphics from time to time! You may have to answer a survey, or simply be on line at the right time, but it has happened! Several options here. If you want to stick to the desktop only version, there is a monthly club ( subscription) you can join that will save you money on the purchase of additional template sets. Or you can join the Web Graphics Creator, on line only version, and have instant access to everything. That is a monthly subscription too. Or you can continue to simply buy the graphics packs that you want. As Katie mentioned, the NEW eCover Authoring Package is well worth the investment. Not only are there more templates, they are better templates and you will then have the ability to add your own 'mock ups' to TC7 and 'map out' a drop zone on them thereby creating your own eCover template. It's really pretty cool! Let us know if you need more information. Oh, one more quick note. The only 'Staff' at Laughingbird is Marc, Lisa and Dave. Everyone else, including the mods and admins here on the forum are simply users of the software same as you. We help out when we can, but really, Marc and Lisa have the final say.
  3. Not sure. I click the link and get the page with no warning. Usually, not always, there is something on the web page you are trying to go to that Facebook thinks is wrong. There is a Facebook debugger tool web site owners can use to make their web site more Facebook friendly, but as I said, I don't get the message so I don't think there is a problem. It may be something in your settings, or the browser you are using. I am using Opera by the way. No warning. I wonder. I am opening the link in a new tab. Are you? Or is it opening in the same tab? UPDATE: Must be the browser. Opera, no warning. Microsoft Edge and I got the warning. Hmm ....
  4. Lance Tindall

    Viral puzzles, where are alll the answers

    Yeah, I think someone mentioned this before, and we never did get an answer. I'm trying and find out . . .
  5. Lance Tindall

    About James M Murphy

    Welcome James. Glad to have you aboard!
  6. Lance Tindall

    How to create a Logo with a Transparent Background

    Sure there is! After getting your logo looking just right, use the menu option File/Export Transparent PNG. That will let you save your image without the background. Now, just to be clear. The program WILL NOT remove a background from an image. You have to create your logo using transparent images. If you need more information, simply post back!
  7. Lance Tindall

    About Me

    Welcome Aparicio! I'm sure you'll find The Creator a very useful tool. If you have any questions about it, feel free to ask.
  8. Lance Tindall

    Trouble in opening spftware

    I can get you fixed up. The software is free and you have the full version. BUT you need to install a graphics pack in order for the program to keep working. No problem! There is a free graphics pack. Go to the link below and download and install the free graphics. After that, no more problems. https://www.laughingbirdsoftware.com/download-free-template-set/
  9. Lance Tindall

    Rollover tooltips

    You can turn rollover tool tips on/off in The Creator 7. Rollover tool tips are usually menu functions but can be added to any aspect of the screen. In the screen shot I posted below, with the tool tips turned on, I moved the mouse cursor over the 'Slogans' button and the colored pop up came up to explain what that button was for. That is a 'rollover tool tip'.
  10. When the Mascots were first put out, there were no B/W images. Then Dave put out a 'Super-Pak' of the Mascots that included the SVG, EPS and B/W images. The B/W images came about from a few users, and Dave, creating coloring books that could be printed. Recently, Marc revamped the website and consolidated some of the graphics packs. More was added to the Creator 7 Bundle and the Mascots were consolidated. That is where they lost the B/W images. I'm really not even sure if they meant to include them anymore, but the description says they should be there so I'm sure Marc will make it right. One thing I've learned over the years about Laughingbird, they will do right by the customer. It may take a bit as they do have a lot going on right now. Dave says they are working on adding the B/W images to the new Web Graphics Creator so I'm sure they will be put back in the download files too. We just have to wait for it.
  11. Stand by. Dave posted a response on the Facebook page. The Black/White graphics were not included in the combined Mascots download. They are working on fixing the problem. As soon as they do they'll let everyone know and you'll have to download the new file. Then you'll have everything. Hopefully it won't take long, but they have a lot of irons in the fire right now. But they are working on it!
  12. Lance Tindall

    how dose a free software expire?

    It doesn't, if you follow the instructions. I posted about this on the FB page too. You have to install a template pack for the program to keep working. That is how the directories needed by the program are set up on your computer. You DO NOT have to purchase anything. There is a FREE template pack. Go get the FREE templates. Install them. No more problem. https://www.laughingbirdsoftware.com/download-free-template-set/
  13. Okay. My mistake. I completely misread your first post. You have the Mascots2Go, and you are correct! The Black/White elements are missing! I am sending a message to Marc and the team about this. You should also open a support ticket and ask Marc about this. That will insure that he notifies you as soon as the problem is fixed. I actually had the Mascots from a previous super-mega pack that is no longer available. But I just looked at the new setup, and the B/W graphics are missing. Hopefully we'll get an answer soon. Contact Marc here: https://www.laughingbirdsoftware.com/contact-us/
  14. You have everything! No installer! Here is why. The SVG folder are vector images. Not compatible with The Creator. You must have a utility to work with vector images. EPS are Photoshop images. Not compatible with The Creator. EPS and SVG were simply included to give you more options and added value for your purchase. The PNG folder is what you need for The Creator. That folder should contain PNG and PNG_BW folders. These are your images and the Black/White line art. Simply drag that Mascots3 PNG folder to Documents/Laughingbird Documents/Logo Elements and drop it! Make sure TC7 is not running. Then start TC7 and open a template, or start a new template. Check your Elements drop down menu from the top bar and you should see the Mascots3 folder. Let me know if you need more help!