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  1. Lance Tindall

    Upgrade not seem to work for me?

    Follow KD-did's directions. This is not a Windows only App. It was developed on a MAC and works fine for MAC and Windows.
  2. Lance Tindall

    Upgrade not seem to work for me?

    Did you download that update from here? https://www.laughingbirdsoftware.com/free-design-software-download/ If not, that may be your problem. You are correct though, the update is FREE. If that is where you got the update, and it still does not work for you, you will have to send in a support ticket to Laughingbird. Be sure to include which OS you haver upgraded to. I know he developes The Creator on a MAC, so it should work on the latest version. You can submit a support ticket here: https://laughingbirdsoftware.ticksy.com If you do not hear back within a day, two at most, post on the Facebook page, or post back here and we'll try and chase him down for you!
  3. Sorry you didn't hear from Marc. I know he and Lisa try to keep up with everyone but they get an unbelievable amount of email every day, plus everything else going on. Basically, if you don't 'tag' them in a NEW post, then a lot of times you simply slip through the cracks. But, post here and you'll usually get a response in a day or two. We try. Glad it all worked out for you. Post back if you need anything more.
  4. Lance Tindall

    Download issue

    I thought you were trying to download the Animated Presentation graphics. What videos are you talking about? If you are trying to download the Animated Presentation graphics, then go to the download page and you'll see the Download Now buttons. Right - Click on a button and select 'Copy Link Address'. Go into your download manager and Right Click and select 'Paste'. That should get the job done. Let me know if you still need help.
  5. Lance Tindall

    Download issue

    Just to be sure, you use a PC, or MAC?
  6. Lance Tindall

    Download issue

    Hi there. I just download all sets for the Animated Presentation package without an issue, so, sorry to say, it must be your internet. If you have a download manager, or can google for a free one, then try that and see if it helps. Let us know if you still have an issue. Good luck.
  7. Lance Tindall

    Staying on Element

    I've actually never encountered that problem. Once I start moving an image, that's the image that moves. Interesting . . .
  8. Lance Tindall

    Logo Creator Program

    Or download the FREE version. ( same as what you purchased ) https://www.laughingbirdsoftware.com/free-design-software-download/ Then download and install the FREE template set! https://www.laughingbirdsoftware.com/download-free-template-set/ After installing the program, then the free set. Then download and install any other templates you have purchased. Tips: Install the program FIRST! Then run the program and install the free templates. This insures everything is set up correct. Then install any other templates you have.
  9. The only way to select everything is to hold the shift key and drag your mouse over the various graphics you want to select. You cannot resize everything at once. Awesome idea though! As far as moving, same as selecting. Highlight what you want to move, then click and drag with your mouse. You can use the arrow keys to 'nudge' in very small increments.
  10. Lance Tindall

    Product enhancement requests

    You posted in the right spot. This topic has actually been brought up a few times. Right now, nothing is in the pipeline but Marc likes the idea too, so it may be in our future. For now, you have the right solution. Simply export your background, then import it in again. A few extra steps but it does the job. As Katie said, making several template saves also helps. That way, if you change your mind, you can always go back.
  11. Lance Tindall


    Hi Dave, Start here ... https://www.laughingbirdsoftware.com/members/
  12. Lance Tindall

    Existing Logo to Business Card Layout Question

    What Katie said is the easiest way. Business Card templates are just like any other template from Laughingbird. Just 'import' whatever image you want to use. They are just sized different to account for printing. Below is an image of my business card, front and back. I had these printed at VistaPrint and got 250 cards for $10. Free shipping. Prices vary and they do run sales. Check for any current specials. On my card you'll note, I did print front and back. Just to show off a couple of images but note the QR square. If you scan that with a reader ( that is on most phones ) it takes you direct to my web store. They are free to create and you can choose where to send someone. Website, blog, wherever. https://www.the-qrcode-generator.com Let us know if you have any more questions.
  13. Lance Tindall

    Please enlighten me !

    Okay, in a nutshell. The OLD eCover product had 50 eCover templates and 64 3D mockups The NEW eCover product has 75 eCover templates and 85 3D mockups. PLUS with the NEW eCover product, you have the ability to adjust the size of the drop area. You have the ability to create a drop area from scratch and match it to any mockup you have! This is huge! Both products have the same elements.
  14. Lance Tindall

    Please enlighten me !

    What Katie was talking about is the NEW eCover Authoring Templates. Yes, they are for TC7, v7.2.9. If you do not have the latest version, you should update and it is free. What she was trying to show is that there is already an eCover directory, but the NEW package is called eCover Authoring so that it will not overwrite what you already have if you install it. The problem with the original eCovers, you may have noticed, is that not all the corners line up. Takes a bit of fudging to get everything square. The new package is much better designed and looks fantastic. Plus you have the ability to adjust the 'drop zone' area, or create a whole new drop zone on any graphic you add. Let me know if you still need more information.
  15. Lance Tindall

    Please enlighten me !

    What Katie said. The 'software', The Creator 7, is a FREE update and as far as I know, always will be. Templates and element sets are sold as individual sets and are added to the 'software' after installation. Although, keep your eyes open, Marc has been known to give away free graphics from time to time! You may have to answer a survey, or simply be on line at the right time, but it has happened! Several options here. If you want to stick to the desktop only version, there is a monthly club ( subscription) you can join that will save you money on the purchase of additional template sets. Or you can join the Web Graphics Creator, on line only version, and have instant access to everything. That is a monthly subscription too. Or you can continue to simply buy the graphics packs that you want. As Katie mentioned, the NEW eCover Authoring Package is well worth the investment. Not only are there more templates, they are better templates and you will then have the ability to add your own 'mock ups' to TC7 and 'map out' a drop zone on them thereby creating your own eCover template. It's really pretty cool! Let us know if you need more information. Oh, one more quick note. The only 'Staff' at Laughingbird is Marc, Lisa and Dave. Everyone else, including the mods and admins here on the forum are simply users of the software same as you. We help out when we can, but really, Marc and Lisa have the final say.