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  1. Charles Scarlatta IV

    Unable to export picture

    When I did one of the fall update for windows it removed my apps so I had to reinstall all my programs so I didn't have any 6.8 contents.
  2. Charles Scarlatta IV

    Unable to export picture

    I am part of the windows insider so I am already up the most recent update for them. I tried to reinstall TC7. Without Admin I still get the original error with admin I get my other error (no visible error but can't export either).
  3. Charles Scarlatta IV

    Unable to export picture

    I tried what you suggested and it still didn't export any images. I only started to have this problem when both Windows updated to the Fall Update and when the software was updated to 7.2.9. I am wondering if Reinstalling this would help any.
  4. Hello, I am trying to export the logo I have created. I am able to save the template in documents but when I tried exporting the logo picture to the desktop normally I got an error and when I tried as an admin I do not get the error but still was unable to export the logo. I was able to do this no problem before the recent update to 7.2.9.