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    copy write course

    Thought as much just was unsure apart from the modules what other parts to include in the zip. and how to edit it say to change $ to £ and few other things to brand it for the UK. word doc not working states missing parts. I have sent a support just waiting. So basically everything else is selling materials and the 12 modules are for sale to the end user I don't under stand if we are reselling them to end users why they would need the mini site etc? I thought we would be just selling the e-book and checklist etc.?
  2. Hi, anymore help for the copy write course, please? I have purchased it and want to find more help for it as I want to know what part we resell apart from the e-book as we want to put on our niche website and members download after sign up. Any instructions / help / videos would be great.
  3. Hi FAO Support - please check out my inbox please.