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      The New Forum!   06/12/2017

      Welcome Welcome to the new Laughingbird forum...


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  1. Menu work box disappears

    Hello, it has started to work again? I created a new image over selecting the one with issues that I was working on, and it worked ok. I am not sure if this is a remedy for the future or not though. I may be better deleting everything and starting again with the limited download to ensure everything works in future. My email I believe was *******@gmail.com or ******@gmail.com . i also purchased the 3d characters and FB templates i think . Thanks for your help in this :-) Lawrence
  2. Menu work box disappears

    hi thanks, but unfortunately i dont have my receipt as i cleared over 15,000 emails out of gmail boxes just last week and i am sure that it would have been in it :-( thanks Lawrence
  3. Menu work box disappears

    hello, i have uninstalled original version as I mentioned above, so it looks like the best way to proceed, is to get a fresh copy and then upgrade, is this correct? I tried to get into the member's area earlier but could not do so as its been a while since i last logged in. However, i forgot my password and the password retrieval is not being delivered to my mailbox. how can i proceed from here, thanks again for all your help :-) Lawrence
  4. Menu work box disappears

    hello, thanks for the getting back to me. I did not uninstall the old version but since have and its still the same issue. I checked for adobe air and installed the latest version but still the same. i also done reboot after installing and still the same. i have a windows 10, 64bit operating system x64 based processor. thanks lawrence
  5. Hello, i upgraded today to the latest version of the creator 7 from creator v6.8 as the menu area to the left started to disappear every time i clicked in the work area. Upgrading to the latest version still not fix the issue and i have a screenshot attached of what i mean. If you look to the left of the screenshot there is no "menu box" to be able to edit the work area. Thanks for your help Regards Lawrence i am using windows home 10 on a 64bit operating system

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