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      The New Forum!   06/12/2017

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  1. Hi, Many thanks for the responses to my support request. I followed your instructions to delete the TC7 folder and re-install and all now seems to be working well. I have just been in and out of TC7 4 times doing bits and pieces with no issues. Seems the mistake I made was not deleting the existing TC7 folder the other day when I installed the latest version and by deleting that folder first as you instructed and then re-installing fixed my issue. Thanks for your help and time taken. Much appreciated. Regards, Ray
  2. Hi there, Over the weekend puchased and download the following packs... Attention Getters Mockup Creator Papertoon Pak After installing the paks successfully (I can see them on my drive in the correct directories) I then attempted to run TC7 to have a play. Got in the first time but was thrown out with an error when I attempted to select a graphic from the Attention Getters pak (see screenshot of error message attached). I then tried to load TC7 again but this time could not get in at all and thrown out with the same error message. I downloaded and re-installed TC7 ver 7.2.9. I renamed the previous TC7 directory and then tried to load TC7 again. Same issue again. In summary I cannot load TC7 at all. ** TC7 was working fine before I downloaded and installed the new paks? Would appreciate any ideas on what to do next. Regards, Ray

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