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This is the place to ask questions about graphics, marketing your business or posting your acheivments. You can talk to other users of Laughingbird Software, post feedback and ask others to see your stuff! Don't be shy, ...have fun in here. We're all family 😀

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  1. mascot packs

    ok figured it out lol, sorry
  2. I just downloaded and installed the 3 mascot versions but only version 1 is showing up in the creator, what can i do? Sue
  3. I am currently on my butt due to knee surgery so this is perfect time for me to play with this awesome software. Just signed up for the monthly thing too. But here are some of what I have done so far
  4. Hello from Canada

    Howdy, my name is Sue and I live in Canada. I have had logo creator in the past but recently have started buying all the new stuff and I must say I am quite impressed. I did not purchase to make money but to create amazing ads for my t shirt business but have created a few ads for others and was actually paid :). Great upgrades since I dabbled with it. Look forward to learning for the talented people in here Have a wonderful day