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  1. Height of the side of the 3d eCover?

    Mine is dublebox2 and there's 4 placeholderModifier. This is not an easy way, confusing. there must be a thing to show the width and height of front and side to the user. Thanks for trying to help though. I thought this product has a good support as they answered my first two pre-purchase inquiry emails but the last two ones after making the purchase didn't get answered. I'm really stuck on this
  2. Height of the side of the 3d eCover?

    Yes, and the question is "How can I get each 3d covers side size to create one using an eCover template?"
  3. Hi, Sent messages weeks ago to support but didn't hear back. I have Creator 7 and using it, designed an eCover template (front look), what dimensions should I use to create for the side look? How can I get each 3d covers side size to create one using an eCover template? It never fits, becomes taller to stretched when dragging side image into its place. Thanks,

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