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  1. Images Stuck

    Ended up using my trusted Fireworks. They came up a treat and I can modify any part of the design at will.
  2. Images Stuck

    Unfortunately to me, this program is flawed and takes up too much of my time. An Apple Mac is no less of a computer than a pc and should not be considered 2nd place to design software. I have spent too many hours with this program to consider it worthy for me to use and each time I select "undo" I get a random reverse moment. Its uneconomical of my time to use this any more and shall continue my efforts with Adobe Fireworks CS5 (And old and well trusted program).
  3. Images Stuck

    Shame. The old version use to be a lot easier to use.
  4. Images Stuck

    Thanks. Its ba Mac and I have downloaded the latest and its ok, but now when I'm trying to curve text but I'm after a curve not a circle it breaks the works up. It should say Chloe's Faerie Jewellery but it separates the words.
  5. Recently after not using the Creator for a while, I have gone back to it only to find the logos I have created and when I try to make a new one I can not move the images within it. And when I import an image it puts it in the centre of the canvas and it also can not be moved. I have tried to move (drag & drop) images from the data base with no luck as well. It is as if the canvas is locked and can not be altered, even when its a newly created image. Any suggestions please?