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    my first design

    if I make it bigger, it gets distorted.
  2. hunnyb

    my first design

    my first design DRAFT created with the software... what ya think? It will primarily be used for a t-shirt.
  3. I am designing for a t-shirt. Why can't I save my template in a higher resolution?
  4. hunnyb

    Hi from Hunny

    I cant wait to do a new profile pic......
  5. I joined here today and I am trying to get the software to accept my email and/or password. Please advise. everything went well when I purchased a product. where is that now?
  6. hunnyb

    Hi from Hunny

    Hi everyone. I am from the South. A retired Graphic Designer.#retiredveryyoung #10yearsagoat49 Even though I have many interest in my life, graphics in deep in my heart and soul. Right now, I do slideshows for a hobby. I do them for my church, and friend's kids who are getting married, etc. I am on a beta group of a high end program. My passion has always been designing logos. I have had Logo Creator version 4 for a while now. Just today I have downloaded the newest version and want to possibly start designing for clients. Would appreciate any advice....... maybe I should post this question on another thread.....