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    now if i can only remember how i created the spine and text and how to up load it... argh... i think the 3 box template i picked will not allow the spine upload ;-)
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    ok so i closed and re opened and voila' i have lift off houston! thanks so much for being a great guy! my hero for today! sue
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    oh wow.. i have already done that.. sorry i thought i was clear... now what?
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    i have folders inside the laughing bird folders however the files are there. Yes i am aware that they had to be installed separately from creator 7 and thanks for covering your bases. and i am wondering if my iCloud was acting up would that have anything to do with this. i found the files on the icloud folder not the computer folder... i think that is the issue..... for some reason iCloud took EVERYTHING on my computer and erased it when it took it up to the cloud... i have had a few words with apple about this since the auto crap came with an update and the user has no real knowledge until the cloud is full and they want you to purchase more space. please forgive me for not realizing this... due to an accident my brains do not work like they used to, this stuff actually makes my head hurt now when it used to be so clear. i would love it if i could share my screen with you so you could walk me through this... short term memory is greatly challenged and i have to keep moving back and forth to remember the steps... so exasperating so now what do i do? thanks for your patience
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    UMMMM sorry i am getting frustrated.. .YES! i have USED AND INSTAlled what i purchased WEEKS ago.. I have also saved some templates...... PLEASE hear me. i purchased, installed, used and saved.. now they are ALL GONE and it wants me to install again i have not done any updates or used it for a few weeks... my computer is the same one it was installed with. it has not had any down time or hiccups.
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    I don't want to do anything in case the templates i have saved can be found.
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    hmmmm. that is funny since i purchased it weeks ago and have used and saved templates here is the email you sent me when i purchased... Hi there sue,Welcome to Laughingbird Software.Thanks for your purchase of The eCover Creator Software! ...I know you'll love it!You can download your new software from your Member's Dashboard on the Laughingbird Software website:
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    i have used it several times and today when i opened the program from my mac i have nothing in my templates.. nothing i have saved i cannot access the program at all
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    Hello, i opened up the software and logged in only to find upsells and no where to access the product i purchased or my templates i have saved. please help sue