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  1. Hi Gail, Gotta love those light bulb moments! I moved the LaughingBird Documents folder to the desktop. Good luck! Chris
  2. Hi Gail, TC = The Creator Hope that helps. Chris
  3. I removed the LaughingBird Documents folder and downloaded the Business Card Creator and installed that. Launched TC and like magic it worked. Then I copied all the files (templates) back to their respective folders, except for those created new by TC. I'm able to access everything. COOL! Thank you KD-did! You should feel a big warm hug right about... now. ?
  4. Downloaded and ran the Adobe AIR installer. It updated what was already on my Mac. Still no joy. ? The machine is stable. No recent system or software updates have been applied.
  5. Yeah, I have. Nothing's changed. Tell me more about Adobe Air.
  6. I've been running 7.2.9 since it became available (in January, I think) and up to this point has been running on Mavericks without issue.
  7. Today, I no longer have access to my templates through the Creator (vr. 7.2.9). MacOS 10.9.5 I launch The Creator, click Select a Template Set then select a template set and it comes up empty. See screenshot. The templates are located at user\Documents\Laughingbird Documents\Logo Libraries. The last time I work with TC was August 1. I've tried deleting TC and replacing with a fresh copy, restarting TC (several times), and restarted my Mac. I'm sure it's something obvious I'm missing. Help!!! Chris
  8. Hey- I'm Chris!

    Hey Glo- THANKS!
  9. Hey- I'm Chris!

    Thanks for the compliment and for checking out my website!
  10. Hey- I'm Chris!

    Thanks for checking out my site and the awesome compliment!!
  11. Hey- I'm Chris!

    Thanks, KD-did!
  12. Hey- I'm Chris!

    Hello- I'm J. Christopher Dunn (Chris) a voice actor and a huge fan of Laughingbird Software. I recently finished a website update with graphics created with The Creator. Take a look. JChristopherDunn.com.