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    Viral puzzles, where are alll the answers

    Cute Lance....LOL
  2. Where are all the answers, there are 25 puzzles and only 17 answers, I know some of them are easy but....
  3. Danielfisher

    dial up connection not work properly

    AOL?? You're making me feel really old
  4. Still waiting patiently, its been over a week now, When will this be taken care of? I have paid for this, would like to get what I paid for, i have seen plenty of posts on FB by owners, so would imagine there has been time to address this
  5. LOL I knew I wasn't going nuts, although I went nuts trying to figure out what I was doing wrong for the last 3 days What baffles me is that the youtube video for that add on was made in 2015, how is it they just now realized that the B/W line section had not been included?
  6. I do believe I have the Mascots3 PNGs there, and they work From the .RAR file I just took the Mascots3 PNGs folder and dropped it in the Logo elements inside Laughingbird documents I will redownload and then take the the SVG and EPS files from the rar Leave the PNG file there and extract it(instead of drag and drop to the logo elements and see if there is a difference, but I don't there will be, and see what happens EDIT: This Is Not Working Either
  7. OK thanks Searched, not anywhere to be found.....I'll wait for Marc to respond Still waiting...Anyway you senior members here have a direct line to him to ask him to take a look at this
  8. OK Thanks Lance for the effort Last night contacted Marc and left a link to this post, so I wouldn't need to re explain the scenario Waiting patiently for a response
  9. Thanks for the help, still not seeing the B/W line art, I see a character that is colored that looks like the example for the B/W line art.....also if you look at my image above and the ".Ds_Store, this was in the file at first and when I dragged theMascots3 PNG folder over it wouldn't work, once I went to document and deleted that .Ds_Store file, the characters finally showed up But as I said, I still don't see the B/W line art I would think along with the character there might be a side folder with the black and white line drawings See pic Thanks
  10. I do believe after watching the videos, I am missing v3 in the creator....although as the pic shows above that is v3, but just with pictures, not installer which is what I think I need? or do I need to take all those images and install them? soooo confused right now
  11. I have just downloaded Mascots2go there are 3 downloads to do Get into creator and I believe I am missing a lot of characters Monsters/viking/black and white line art and many more I am seeing mascots togo v1 and v2 in the creator On the third download I see this which are just all the characters images, but not an installer Before i continue to babble and confuse myself if not everyone else, I need some guidance please