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  1. Thank you for all help - it seems like some files was left in the cloud in Finder - after upload all worked Roar :-)
  2. Thank you - followed the prosess as with the other templates I have bought
  3. Thank you - tried that - no result
  4. Thank you - yes all is done the correct way. I can see the files and eCover Template in the menu, but the templates dosen´t show up
  5. Thank you - yes my files is there. I can se eCover Templates in the meny to the left, but no templates show up to the right. I have reinstalled all files, but still have the same problem.
  6. Thank You - I´ve done that - didn´t work Roar
  7. I have installed ecover under documents and LB folder and Logo Libraries. The files are there, but they don´t show up in LB software. What should i do? Roar