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  1. Hello Bill, Yes that sounds like a great idea. Better yet, I would like to extend a welcome to you to join our little MSN group called InfoPLz: http://groups.msn.com/InfoPlz/ From there we keep in touch and share ideas, documents and whatever with everything about our line of business. On the group you can go check out our Resource Center, where we make a lot of cool stuff free to download to help us with our businesses (I upload a buncha my flyers, documents, ebooks, etc. to share). Then we also have a InfoPlz Forum for members only as well you are free to register and participate: http://infoplzmembers.com/forum/ And on the InfoPlz Group you will also find the link to our InfoPlz Live Chat: http://infoplzmembers.com/chatroomA/ where you will be registerd as the same name you use for the forum & group, we like to gather on Monday evenings around 6:30pm Pacific Time or (9:30 pm Eastern) depending on where you live. But it's also open for anyone to just pop in and say anything 24/7. The person who started all these is Charlie (KC) and is the manager and he likes to make a topic for us that may help us with business matters on occassion. So I hope to see you join our little community soon! I go by the name PolygonWrangler or 3DS, and Charlie has made me an assistant manager so I sometimes help with accepting applications when new members join. Seeya soon! -Darrell