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  1. Lightning Woman

    Output DPI

    So if I'm in business card mode, I should have no problems with Vista print except for when doing rack cards which the photo would have to be high DPI and blown up bigger than a business card. Might as well do it all in Photoshop but I'm not that expert of a graphics designer. More photography work...
  2. Lightning Woman

    Output DPI

    Thanks for your reply, For the rack cards I'm trying to do and some car magnets, I'm using a head shot photograph. I can change the DPI to whatever I want in Photoshop and resize it to fit the rack card I have made, put it back in the engine to finish my work and of course, it still changes it and outputs it to what I thought was 300 DPI. That is the lowest resolution vista print will take even for business cards. I make sure to export the main image and not a thumbnail. Doctor's offices LOVE rack cards and I'm a photographer. That's why I wanted this so bad. I edit photos and am not as well versed in graphics design. Would love it if someone knows what the new engine will be outputting in...
  3. Lightning Woman

    Output DPI

    Thanks for your reply, 96 is crap! Mark told me it was 300 and that is crap! This is advertised to do business cards, mugs and even car magnets. That is what I need it for.
  4. Lightning Woman

    Output DPI

    Thanks for your input. I'm not sure exactly what you mean?I have Photoshop and can output images from my pro camera in fine detail HD in just about any DPI depending on the image. I pull up a head shot for a rack card, make it and then export it for Vista Print and it's blurry every time. I want to know if there is an ETA on when it will output with a higher DPI like one of the earlier versions...
  5. Lightning Woman

    Output DPI

    Hello! The engine only outputs in 300 DPI? When will it output in a higher resolution? VERY Important to me especially to do rack cards.