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  1. Hi, This software is not downloadable, only online service?
  2. Oh good. I can't remember the year I go this. I know it's been over 12 years and creator was in 5.x build. i remember the serial number didnt work and he gave me another one.i found on a cd oddly enough two days ago
  3. SteveJones

    DISCOUNT: Product of the Week

    Thank you. I see so many of them now on youtube.
  4. No I have had this for many years. This was around 5.x of the creator. see? This was v1.x
  5. SteveJones

    DISCOUNT: Product of the Week

    Have you though about making an endcards for this product for youtube?
  6. Hi, Wasn't there an older version way back that had the ecover in it too?
  7. SteveJones

    The NEW Laughingbird Forum!

    It seems much cleaner and organized then before. =)