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    • Mr Laughingbird

      The New Forum!   06/12/2017

      Welcome Welcome to the new Laughingbird forum...


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  1. Well goody goody gumdrops!!
  2. Heh......saw the email.....so are we officially official???......
  3. triad video marketing

    heh heh...Thanks. I don't know how active it was before but maybe even more so with the make-over....I was online when forums were tha thang..even helped moderate one or two. But seems like with the growth of social type sites, especially FB.....the have gone down in numbers? But hope this one becomes the most used forum ever in history!!!......set some records!!!
  4. Howdy.....I guess I need to use this more...heh says I'm a newbie tho I've actually been a member since 2015....but I'm on FB so much I tend to forget about the forum. Guess I need to rectify that situation huh?......I'll try and do better..... Later Gator!

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